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FAFSA priority deadline IS February 1

How can you get as many scholarships and aid as possible?

  1. Your admission application serves as your scholarship application. 
  2. File your FAFSA (school code 003131). The priority deadline for UToledo to receive your processed FAFSA is February 1.
  3. Check out UToledo's scholarship search here:

2018-2019 tuition and Expenses*

Ohio Resident Expenses* Per Semester Per Year
Instructional Fee $4,267 $8,534
General Fee $630.50 $1,261
Subtotal $4,897.50 $9,795
Room and Board $5,717 $11,434
Total $10,614.50 $21,229
Non-Ohio Resident Expenses** Per Semester Per Year
Instructional Fee + Surcharge $8,936 $17,872
General Fee $630.50 $1,261
Subtotal $9,566.50 $19,133
Room and Board $5,717 $11,434
Total $15,283.50 $30,567

* Rates and fees are based on 2018-2019 academic year estimates and are subject to change at any time. Residents of Monroe Co., Mich., should refer to Ohio Resident Expenses. Tuition and general fees are for 12-18 semester hours. This does not include additional costs such as books, lab/college/program fees, parking and insurance premiums. Room and Board rates are based on 2018-19 double occupancy averages with the required freshman meal plan.

Undergraduate tuition rates for the 2019-20 academic year will be finalized following approval of the State of Ohio biennium operating budget.

** Special scholarships are available to assist out-of-state students with the out-of-state surcharge. Click here for details.

Last Updated: 6/30/19