Adult, Transfer and Military Admissions

Undergraduate Transfer Scholarships

Undergraduate Transfer and Adult Student Scholarships and Awards

We encourage you to submit an application and all supporting materials by the dates below for full consideration of merit scholarships and to ensure a smooth transition to UToledo. However, we will still accept applications and scholarships beyond this deadline.  


SPRING 2020: DECEMBER 1, 2020
SUMMER 2020: APRIL 1, 2020

Transfer Scholarships: Awards for students who have completed 12 or more hours at any regionally accredited institution after high school graduation or GED completion prior to attending The University of Toledo.

Adult Scholarships: Awards for students who have never attended a regionally accredited institution and who are not enrolled at UToledo the semester after high school graduation.

Scholarship Grid For Transfer Students

UToledo Achievement Award
Award ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 based on cumulative transfer GPA. Learn more

Transfer Out-of-State Award
Award of up to $8,500 based on cumulative transfer GPA, credit hours and financial need for students who reside outside of Ohio and Monroe County, Michigan. Learn More

Scholarship Grid For Adult Students

$6,000 - Toledo Excellence Scholarship
$5,000 - Regents Scholarship
$3,500 - Trustees Scholarship
$1,000 - Deans Scholarship

These awards are four-year renewable scholarships that recognize outstanding students upon review of their cumulative high school GPA, ACT/SAT test scores, and strength of high school curriculum. Learn more

Rocket Nation Scholarship
This award is an additional scholarship available to academically eligible out-of-state students from outside of Ohio and Monroe County, MI to cover UToledo’s out-of-state surcharge. Learn more

Stackable Awards For Transfer and Adult Students

Phi Theta Kappa
$1,000 per year award to Phi Theta Kappa members transferring to UToledo. Learn more

UToledo Legacy Award
Awards $500 to students who are dependents of alumni. Learn more

UToledo Sibling Award
Awards 1,000 per sibling who are both attending UToledo. Learn more

Other Scholarship Opportunities at UToledo

UToledo Scholarship Search
Use our scholarship search tool to find more ways UToledo can help make your education affordable. Start searching.  

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