University Studies Degree Completion Program

design your own bachelor's degree and advance your career

Ready to complete your college degree?

Create your own customized bachelor’s degree with UToledo’s 100% online University Studies Program. This is the degree of choice for busy, working adults like you ― people juggling careers, families and other responsibilities.

The University Studies degree is designed to allow you to build an individualized program of study around your interests and goals. Customize a plan of study with your academic advisor to accelerate your path to degree completion.

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Ready to Advance Your Career?


Highlights of UToledo’s University Studies program

100% online. We offer the convenience and flexibility to learn on your own schedule, at your own pace. UToledo’s help desk, technical support and online tutoring make learning easy.

Fast track to success. Our expert advisors identify how to finish your degree in the quickest, most efficient way. They provide handy checklists and clear paths to graduation.

Financial aid. Our tuition guarantee locks in tuition rates. This 100% online degree program qualifies non-Ohio residents to pay in-state tuition rates with a $5 per credit hour surcharge. You also could be eligible for scholarships.

Easy credit transfers. Have some college classes under your belt? We’ll help you transfer in up to 90 credit hours from existing college credits and work experience.

Employer reimbursement. Check with your HR department or supervisor to see if your company offers tuition assistance.

You can be the next UToledo student to build your own bachelor’s degree program around a specific area of study. Past students have developed programs in:

Last Updated: 6/21/22