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Fall 2015 Colloquium Schedule
Sep.11  Christine Connell Transportation Planning TMACOG

UT Presidential Inauguration Week Event

Creating a Social Compact Between the City of Toledo and the

University of Toledo: From Knowledge to Action” (panel)

10:00-11:45am Doermann Theater, University Hall


Josh Ackers

Geography and Urban Studies

University of Michigan-Dearborn

Oct.23 Alessandra Faggian Regional and Urban Economics The Ohio State University
Nov.20* Dennis Keating Housing and Neighborhood Development  Cleveland State University

*Note: The last colloquium was changed to Nov.20. Please update your schedule!

Meets at 2:30 p.m. in Synder Memorial 3066.

Fall 2015 Colloquium Schedule downloadpdf 

Dr. Dennis Keating



Dr. Dennis Keating visited the department on Nov. 20, 2015.

His presentation topic is "Comparative Social Changes in Three Formerly Declining Cleveland Neighborhoods".

Dr. Alessandra Faggian



Dr. Alessandra Faggian visited the department on Oct. 23, 2015.

Her presentation topic is "Human capital migration and salaries: an examination of US college graduates".

Joshua Akers



Dr. Joshua Ackers visited the department on Oct. 2, 2015.

His presentation topic is "Property in Practice", in which Dr.Ackers examined policies and practices implemented over the past decade that were intended to address vacancy and abandonment and reinvigorate property markets of Detroit... 

Christine Connell



Academic Symposium “Creating a Social Compact between Greater Toledo and The University of Toledo: From Knowledge to Action”
Dr. Sharon Gaber, Dr. Michael Dear, Dr. Kenneth Reardon and Dr. Neil Reid. Moderator: Dr. Patrick Lawrence

Christine Connell



Mr.Christine Connell visited the department on Sep. 11, 2015.

His presentation topic is "Toledo metropolitan Area Council of Governments-Vision Statement".

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