Department of Geography and Planning

Geography Teaching Lab 


The Department of Geography & Planning's Teaching Lab provides an enhanced learning experience for our students. The Lab features the latest in GIS technology. Each computer runs the latest versions of ESRI's ArcGIS package, RSI's ENVI remote sensing software, Leica Geosystem's ERDAS Imagine remote sensing software, PCI Geomatics remote sensing software, Microsoft Visual Studio, Office, broadband internet access, and access to over 4 Terrabytes of geographic data.

The Teaching Lab houses more than 25 computer stations which are maintained regularly by UT college Computing. Because the installed software is specialized for GeoSciences, the teaching lab is only available for students taking courses in Geography & Planning. When the lab is not being used for classes it is open and available for students to complete their lab assignments and for graduate students to conduct their research.

Teaching Lab hours for the 2015 Spring Semester

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Last Updated: 6/27/22