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Dr. Beth Schlemper attending White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools

Nov. 10th 2015

Dr. Schlemper
Dr. Schlemper

Dr. Beth Schlemper, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning, College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences is today attending the White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools where her National Science Foundation geospatial education project will be among the high school initiatives highlighted (official White House press release is attached).

Obama Administration Announces More than $375 Million in Public and Private Support for Next-Generation High Schools  

“Today, the Obama Administration will host the first-ever White House Summit on Next Generation High Schools. The event will highlight students, educators, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who are reinventing the high school experience to better empower students to seize opportunities in today’s economy, and prepare students for success in college and career.  

As part of the President’s 2015 State of the Union push, the White House called for a national effort to create more Next Generation High Schools—schools that incorporate key elements of redesign, including more personalized and active learning, access to real-world and hands-on learning such as “making” experiences, deeper ties to post- secondary institutions, and a focus on expanding STEM opportunities for girls and other groups of students who are underrepresented in these high-growth, well-paying fields. Today’s announcements showcase a broad Federal and private response to the President’s call to action.
"The University of Toledo in Ohio will develop a curricular model that provides an accessible way of introducing geospatial thinking to students while providing them with the skills and motivation to pursue STEM careers. The University of Toledo is engaging underrepresented students in real-world issues in the context of their own neighborhoods through the use of geospatial technologies and skills. These students are gaining knowledge and tools for enhancing their communities, as well as exposure to career opportunities in high-growth STEM sectors. "

 White House Summit on Next Generation High SchoolsWhite House Summit on Next Generation High Schools 

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