Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

People For Change

People for Change was founded at the Toledo Correctional Institution in January of 2011 by alumni of the inaugural Inside-Out class at Toledo Correctional (held in fall 2010). We are a democratic and collaborative group whose mission is to increase opportunities for higher education within Toledo Correctional as well as to spread the word on the outside about the system of mass incarceration.

All students who successfully complete an Inside-Out class are welcome to participate in our bimonthly meetings and other activities. 

Our Magazine, "Glass House": Since our founding we have published a magazine written primarily by members of People for Change but open to submissions from the general population and members of the Toledo community. This newsletter is distributed inside the facility and through an online network. View previous issues by clicking on "menu" and expanding the "newsletters" link. 

Workshops: People for Change sponsors workshops in the areas of expertise of the Inside-Out faculty, members of PFC, and community members. These workshops run for ninety minutes, once a week, for eight weeks. Participants receive certificates of completion. They have covered topics including acting, improvisation, political theory, writing, interpersonal communications, entrepreneurship, urban policy, and conflict mediation. 

Community meetings: People for Change has hosted several meetings for faculty and students of Inside-Out classes across the upper Midwest.  We have also hosted community meetings for Toledo area activists and advocates of prison reform. Representatives of re-entry organizations come together to hear from members of People for Change what the needs are inside Toledo Correctional and what some of the gaps were in terms of individuals’ journey from the inside to the outside.

Family days:  Inside-Out family days have become part of the PFC tradition. Members invite their families to experience a mock Inside/Out class, to share a meal, and to learn about the educational programming and PFC.

PFC Library: inside members of PFC facilitate a lending library of University textbooks and literature to all who are involved with Inside-Out or PFC workshops. 

Last Updated: 11/6/22