Interdisciplinary Degrees

ABOUT Interdisciplinary programs AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO

Looking for a way to customize your college degree experience? The University of Toledo College of Arts and Letters makes it possible with a number of interdisciplinary majors and minors that allow you to customize your degree program in lots of ways. Below are the degrees we offer at the undergraduate level. Choose a bachelor's degree or add an exciting new dimension to your current program with an interdisciplinary minor. 


Africana Studies Program

Asian Studies Program

Data Analytics Program

Disability Studies Program

Global Studies

Law and Social Thought

Middle East Studies

Urban Studies

Interdisciplinary Minors ( unique minors not associated with a major degree program)


Dr. Sam Nelson, Advisor

Unlike some pre-professional programs, there is no fixed pre-law curriculum. Critical reading, writing and speaking dominate legal practice and legal education; thus, the central theme of any pre-law course of study should be the development of these skills in the context of areas of substantive interest to the student. Clearly, a course of study designated “pre-law” may extend across a broad range of different disciplines and interests and contain a wide variety of courses. Each student's course of study will be different and should reflect, in consultation with advisors, the specific interests of the student and attention to the development of the critical and analytical skills necessary for success in law school and the legal profession.

Last Updated: 6/27/22