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Minor in Data Analytics

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is one of the fastest growing academic fields with an extremely strong job market.  Data analysts use the massive amounts of data generated by our digital society to ask and answer questions important to a wide range of fields.  The field has moved so quickly that our ability to get and analyse data is often more advanced than our ability to understand what the analysis means and how it can be used to better understand problems faced by businesses, non-profits and government.  This minor combines the ability to manage and analyze data with the ability to understand it and communicate that understanding to others.

The minor in data analytics is an interdisciplinary minor designed to teach students data management and analysis skills that would augment any major.  Students interested in social, behavioral, economic, business and policy issues are particularly well suited to this minor.  Courses focus on statistical and spatial data analysis employing the most widely used software for these tasks.  Students learn to create and manage data sets and ensure data quality, and learn to choose appropriate data to represent complex social concepts.  Students also learn to frame questions and issues in ways that they can be effectively analyzed with data, and how to effectively communicate their findings to specialized and general audiences.


The minor requires 18 credit hours. View the specific requirements.

Frequently asked questions

I'm not afraid of numbers, but I have not taken advanced math.  Can I complete this minor?

Yes.  Students will need to complete several classes in statistical analysis, but there are no prerequisites beyond basic college level mathematics

I'm majoring in a highly technical field, will this minor be appropriate for me?

Yes.  You will learn to apply your existing statistical and quantitative expertise in ways that are appropriate to answer social and economic questions relevant to businesses and government.

Will I be able to customize my coursework to address issues that are of interest to me?

Yes. While there is only one elective in the minor, many of the required courses allow students to focus their work on a particular topic.


For more information, please contact the Coordinator:
Kevin Egan
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Last Updated: 7/11/23