Department of Psychology


  • Wesley A. Bullock, Ph.D. (Couple & Family Therapy; Wellness Management & Recovery) 
  • Jon Elhai, Ph.D. (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Post-Trauma Therapy) 
  • Sarah Francis, Ph.D. (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Child and Adolescent Internalizing Disorders)
  • Kim L. Gratz, Ph.D. (Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Acceptance-based Behavioral Therapies; Borderline Personality and Self-Injury)
  • Jason C. Levine, Ph.D. (Behavior Therapy; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Behavioral Medicine) 
  • Gregory J. Meyer, Ph.D. (Psychodynamic Therapy; Cognitive and Personality Assessment) 
  • Peter Mezo, Ph.D. (Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies; Adaptive Regulation, Coping, and Mindfulness Approaches)
  • Joni L. Mihura, Ph.D. (Psychodynamic Therapy; Personality Assessment)
  • Matthew T. Tull, Ph.D. (Acceptance-based Behavior Therapies, Anxiety Disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Substance Use Disorders)

Dr. Jason Levine, Clinic Director
Phone:  (419) 530-2721

Angel Cox, Clinic Administrative Assistant 
Phone: (419) 530-2721 

Last Updated: 11/16/20