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CoCA continues to broaden its use of the seelio ePortfolio platform.

AAEEBL 2014 Annual Conference on Engaged Learning and ePortfolios:
Advancing Learning-Centered Cultures in a Multi-Modal Age.

On 7/29 Seelio and the University of Toledo co-presented a workshop on learner-centered approaches to portfolios at the AAEEBL Conference in Boston. Dean Debra Davis and Associate Dean Holly Monsos were invited to join Lawrence Burns, Vice President of External Affairs at the University of Toledo and Moses Lee CEO of Seelio to present, A New Approach to Experiential Learning: How The University of Toledo Combines ePortfolios with Other Technology Tools for Students’ Professional Development.

In this session, the University of Toledo shared how it is embracing technology to create a classroom environment of the future that supports engaged learning and career preparedness. Detailing the use of a new showcase ePortfolio technology & the “flipped classroom” concept, the presenters explained the process of how the University is engaging students in experiential learning in a way that enhances the value of a degree & prepares students for their future.

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Because it is easy to use, seamless, attractive – Because seelio works!

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CoCA Faculty bring the Seelio platform into their classes throughout the College:

Phoebe Ballard - Art Fundamentals of Digital Media 001

Ed Lingan and Dave Strukel - Communication- Honors Public Presentations: COMM 2600: 091

Larry Burns - Communication Public Relations Case Studies 001

Jackie Layng - Communication Professional Portfolio 002

Mysoon Rizk - Art History Contemporary Art & Theory 071

Deborah Orloff - Art Digital Photography 001

Fatima Shousher-Simon - Communication Professional Portfolio 001

Barbara Miner - Art Installation and Performance Art

Chris Burnett - Bachelor of Visual Arts Thesis Project

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