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Professional Sales Training Program 


The ESSPS Professional Sales Training Program is designed to provide sales representatives and other team members who have a business development responsibility with the background and tools to grow revenues by identifying,understanding,presenting,and securing business in a consultative and collaborative manner. Skills will be strengthened using a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and/or role playing.

Can be customized for your industry and organization!


Overall duration is approximately 24 hours,and individual modules may vary by around 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the amount of hands-on exercises requested. The training could take course over half (4 hours) or whole days (8 hours),and organizations can select all or some of the modules to accommodate for sales team needs (skill level),time constraints,and budget. If training will take place over more than one day,the dates might not be consecutive due to teaching schedules and/or organization availability.  


Understand the foundations for a successful relationship that will have long term impact for both the selling and buying organization 

Buying Influences
Understanding things from the customer’s point of view is the number one quality of a highly successful sales person

Social Styles
Establish and develop relationships with greater speed and effectiveness by identifying and aligning social styles

Increase sales by allocating resources to partner and strategic ally accounts. Improve account’s value by finding gaps in the account’s attractiveness

Set better expectations with internal and external customers by mapping out objectives,strategies,and tactics for long term business,the current sales cycle,and the upcoming sales call

Communication and Listening
Advance skills to gather and present information by understanding the verbal and nonverbal elements of communication and the power of active listening

Information Gathering (Getting Information)
Ensure success and consistent (no-gap) information gathering by standardizing the information gathering process

Presenting Solutions (Giving Information)
Keep customers engaged in active listening by tailoring communications (oral and written)

Handling Objections
Recognize and respond to how the customer feels like he/she is going to lose so the call can be resumed and mutual commitment made (sales cycle advanced)

Closing (Getting Commitment)
Advance the sales cycle by asking for commitment that is specific,mutual,and incremental

Teaching Customers how to Buy


With 57% of B2B purchase decisions completed before a supplier is engaged and 53% of customer loyalty determined by customer experience (Sales Executive Council, 2011), an effective sales professional is one who challenges customers with proven insights, teaches customers how to avoid problems and leverage opportunities, and receives the support of their organization.

Can be customized for your organization and industry!


Overall duration is approximately 16 hours and should be completed in back-to-back, whole day (8 hour) sessions or close together.  One portion could be done in a half day (4 hour) session.


Teaching for Differentiation
Deconstruct the selling organization’s value proposition and determine how to reframe the way the customer assigns value to the areas where the selling organization outperforms their competitors

Tailoring for Resonance
Understand things from the customer’s point of view at the industry, company, role, and individual level

Taking Control of the Sale
Demonstrate and hold firm on value and momentum throughout the sales process

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Consulting and Research

Professional sales faculty and staff also consult and conduct research according to client specific needs.  

Facility Rentals

High tech facilities are also available for corporate rental.  Host your next meeting, training, coaching session, and/or focus group at the University of Toledo!

3M Sales Technology Conference Room (Savage Business Complex 4170)

  • Seats 16 plus a presenter
  • Rich cherry finishes and high back, adjustable chairs
  • Conference table with built in electric and network connections
  • Wireless internet
  • Fully mediated with computer, projector, screen, dry erase board, portable SMART board, document camera, and Mediasite* web casting and knowledge management.  Lifesize video conferencing available soon. 

Huntington Sales Lab (Savage Business Complex 4200)

  • 4 Role play rooms with Mediasite* web casting and knowledge management (2 offices each seat 6, 1 lobby/living room seats 4, 1 break room/kitchen seats 4).
  • Perfect for role playing and small focus groups
  • Portable, off campus Mediasite* web casting and knowledge management is also available
  • *Record, synchronize, and stream video/audio and media (ie: PowerPoint, Word, Adobe, web site, other applications, etc from your computer).  Mediasite capture rates include 12 months of secure, online content hosting so you can benefit from the event even after it is completed
  • View Floor Plan

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Last Updated: 6/27/22