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Programs and Degrees

The IOTM department offers coursework towards a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with a major in one of the three undergraduate programs below:

Information Systems

Information Systems majors provide students with the managerial and technical skills required to enter the challenging and dynamic field of computers and information systems. The student acquires knowledge involving a variety of topics, including widely used business programming languages, the design and implementation of management information systems, networking and communications, the managerial aspects of system development and the latest technological developments in database management, computer software and information technology.

Supply Chain or Operations Management

Supply Chain or Operations Management majors have the opportunity to study a host of areas, including sourcing, industrial marketing, logistics, transportation, quality management, production planning, information systems, and emerging practices in supply chain, operations, and e-commerce. Students acquire the knowledge and skills to manage people, resources, and research operations from a product design, process evaluation, TQM, facility layout, and planning and scheduling perspective.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The BSIT program features a hands-on education leading to careers in the management of the technology infrastructure of organizations of all types and sizes. The BSIT program specifically focuses on the technology side of information technology and emphasizes interfacing technologies and the management of technologies. The curriculum covers the operational support and administration of diverse computing systems and the integration of existing technologies, components and products. The program will provide students with a breadth of skills in the core information technologies including programming, computer hardware and networking, databases and Web technologies in order to prepare students for positions as information technologists providing operational and infrastructure support for computer and information systems in business, manufacturing, and institutional organizations.

Students completing the Information Systems, Supply Chain or Operations Management major may also want to consider dual majors or a minor in any of the other disciplines offered through the College of Business and Innovation. These majors and minors can often be completed with a minimal amount of additional coursework. 

Last Updated: 6/9/16