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Prospective Students

Admission Process and Standards

Admission Requirements

The admission to our program is selective. If you are an intellectually curious individual with the eagerness to devote the next four years to rigorous training in research, and have excellent communication abilities - we encourage you to consider applying to our program.

We are looking for highly motivated students with outstanding intellectual ability and a strong commitment to a career in research and teaching to join our PhD program. A master’s degree/ work experience, while very helpful, are not required for admission. All applicants must have at least a bachelor’s or equivalent academic degree to be considered for admission. A master’s degree will not shorten the PhD program. Master's and PhD course requirements are quite distinct. Students who do not have a business degree may be required to take foundational business courses.

We evaluate the following in our quest to understand each applicant’s strengths:

• Performance on standardized tests: GMAT scores are required for application (TOEFL is also required for all international applicants.)
• Recommendation letters: We require at least three recommendation letters from people best qualified to judge the applicant's academic potential.
• Academic record at undergraduate/graduation institutions
• The Statement of Purpose which highlights the applicant’s research agenda so that we can assess how it will mesh with the general research interests of the College of Business and Innovation’s faculty.
• Relevant experience

Online Application

Following materials need to be submitted online for application
   1) Application for Admission to the PhD in Manufacturing and Technology Management
   2) Graduate Assistantship Application (if you wish to apply for funding)
   3) GMAT Scores sent to the University of Toledo (Institution Code: )
   4) International Applicants only - TOEFL Scores sent to the University of Toledo (institution Code: )
   5) Official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work
   6) Three letters of recommendation submitted online via the application email process
   7) A statement of purpose
   8) Application Fees (paid when submitting the application online)
   9) Resume

All materials are submitted online via the online application system.

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Curriculum Information

During the student’s first semester of study, the student prepares a “Doctoral Program - Plan of Study”. This is a planning document that describes the courses the student plans to take to meet his/her degree requirements and his/her anticipated plans for taking the comprehensive exam. This Doctoral Program - Plan of Study is based on the curriculum (see Ph.D. Student Handbook) and any other approved course substitutions. Course substitutions must be approved by the Director under the guidelines established by the Ph.D. Policy committee. When this “Doctoral Program - Plan of Study” is formally approved and signed by the student, the advisor, the program director, and the Dean of the Graduate School, it becomes the student’s official plan of study for the program. 

For a full list of required courses click here.

Tuition Rates

Visit Graduate School Website for detailed description of tuition rates and fees.

Funding and Financing

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Contact Information

More questions regarding Ph.D. Program, Application, and Admission Status?

Contact program's director now.

Last Updated: 11/3/16