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Leadership Certificate & Executive Leadership Series

The University of Toledo’s Center for Continuous Improvement provides expert consultation in business and strategic planning, feasibility studies, leadership/organization development, process innovation, marketing, and customer relationship management, global supply chain management, international development, lean manufacturing, and systems analyses. 

The Transitioning into Leadership Roles Certificate is a 3-Phase program designed as a professional development opportunity for business professionals who aspire to make a successful transition into a leadership role or who are already leaders looking to improve their leadership skills.  Through a facilitated discussion, group activities, personality assessments, and the development of an individualized plan, participants will customize their strategies for a successful transition into the desired leadership role.  The Agenda for the program includes the following five sessions:

  • SESSION I   A facilitated discussion and summary of key concepts, i.e. how is your role going to change, and what new skill sets do you need to make those changes successful?
  • SESSION II   Skills and personality assessments (outside of the sessions) with a debrief meeting guiding participants as to “what to do with this information” inside the session – with the message that there are no good or bad results, only perspectives.
  • SESSION III   The creation of individualized developmental plans and goal setting. This step will involve a customized approach to creating individualized plans and goal setting based on the needs of participants and/or to the preferences of senior leadership.
  • SESSIONS IV and V   As a result of Sessions I through III, courses will be selected for Sessions IV and V. They may include but not be limited to:
    • Leading through Listening & Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
    • Persuasive and Effective Communication & Making Conflict Constructive
    • Prioritizing, Planning, and Organizing our Time & Delegation
    • Into the Trenches: Leading Teams
    • Interpersonal Relations: Emotional Intelligence Building
    • Understanding Others’ Decision Making Processes
    • Managing Stress and Balance
    • This is Not Public Speaking 101

This is a general format that could be and has been customized for many organizations in order to meet their specific organizational needs.


By: Dr. Jenell L.S. Wittmer, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Management

We invite you to view the clips below to learn more about four of our executive-level leadership development opportunities that have a proven record with some of our preferred business partners.  The programs include The First 90 DaysLeadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Emotional Intelligence.

"Don Levitt has been an invaluable resource in helping us to identify systemic issues in our organization.  He is an outstanding listener and brings real wisdom, insight, and solution-focused actions that helped all the stakeholders in our organization embrace the hope that positive change can be brought to the group." - Steve Piller, VP of Advertising & Local Stations, Buckeye CableSystem

Other popular programs successfully implemented, i.e. with measurable ROI, at regional and global companies include Getting Results, the Two-Minute Drill, and Six Sigma Green Belt.  To find out more about our consultative expertise in these or other topics listed on our Community Business Programs page, please give us a call.  We look forward to assisting you with your organizational and leadership goals of continuous improvement, process innovation, and increased efficiencies for long-term growth and sustainability.

Last Updated: 9/10/20