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The Basics

Level Up is a voluntary development program for ESSPS students primarily led by ESSPS students.  Students who are freshmen and sophomores who are thinking about professional sales or already know they want professional sales are welcome to join Level Up.  Level Up builds off our core strengths of making connections with and between our students and businesses and delivering world class, integrated, and hands-on sales degree programs.

Level Up is designed to:

  • Provide motivated students with supplemental coaching that can be the difference to get them to the next level of performance and confidence
  • Recognize high performing students and keep them on a path of ongoing development
  • Cultivate a servant leader mindset

The Level Up Program can achieve these goals while driving quality enrollment and engagement and further elevating the ESSPS.


Tracks to Success

Participation in Level Up is voluntary.  Students will select a track for success in their professional development for how they allocate their approx. 50 hours/week of professional time:

  • Blend of extra curriculars and employment
  • Focus on extra curriculars
  • Focus on employment
  • Focus on academics


Focal Areas

Students will receive guidelines, resources, and coaching that will help them to level up their skills and mindset.  Students will be assessed each semester and can earn Gold or Blue designation in each of the 6 areas.  Students will earn an overall Gold or Blue badge for the semester based on their overall performance.  Students performing at the Gray level will not earn a badge.

  • Learning how to fail
  • Personal strategic planning
  • Time management
  • Academics
  • Networking
  • Extra curricular activities (student organizations, athletics, etc)
  • Employment
  • Service
  • Professionalism

 gold badge                          blue badge

Coaching and Assessment

Coaching will be provided by Specialist Coaches who are experts in one or more areas (role playing, Excel, resumes, Sales Competition Team, networking, events, LinkedIn, etc).  Specialist Coaches can be students, alumni, corporate partners, or faculty/staff.  The intent is to have most of the coaches be students with select faculty/staff providing direction. 

On-demand guides, videos, and other resources are provided along with live webinars and workshops (see FAQ below for more details).

Assessment will be completed by various entities based on the area being assessed:

  • Faculty on Academics
  • Staff, student organizations, and faculty on Networking
  • Student organizations and athletic teams on Extra Curriculars
  • Corporate Partners, alumni, friends of the program, and faculty/staff on Employment
  • Professionalism is infused across all areas

Sample scorecard


 level up pie chart


Rewards and Recognition


  • A list of Level Up students will be shared with ESSPS Partners, returning UTISC Sponsors, and Friends of the Program, and those making it to the Leaderboard for receiving Gold and/or Blue badges will be noted.  Logins required to view Level Up list and leaderboard.
  • Students who are Gray two semesters in a row will be removed from Level Up and can re-enroll after one semester provided they are ready


  • First time reaching Gold or Blue = laptop sticker
  • Second time reaching Gold = wristband
  • Third time reaching Gold = lapel pin
  • Level Up Stackable Trophy
    • Student must be Gold for 3 or more semesters and must be Gold at the time of graduation
    • Professionalism must be Gold for 2 or more consecutive semesters and must be Gold at the time of graduation
    • Level Up Trophy Inserts are available for students or alumni who are active Specialist Coaches or Sales Ambassadors


student success supporting eachother


Phased Roll Out

Level Up will be rolled out in a phased manner so ESSPS can validate and refine workflow and ensure proper support:

  • Phase 1 in Fall 2021 – Academics, Networking, Extra Curriculars, supplemental workshops
  • Phase 2 in Fall 2022 (and possibly 3, see Sales Leaders Round Table) – Employment, Professionalism, Service
Last Updated: 6/27/22