The Eighth Global Supply Chain Management Conference

Downtown Toledo

Dynamic Transformation in the Global Business Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges

December 3-6 & 10-13, 2020 


The Eighth Global Supply Chain Management Conference (GSCM 2020) in Toledo, Ohio, USA is being conducted virtually on December 3-6 & 10-13, 2020. 

GSCM 2020 is hosted by The University of Toledo and offers exciting opportunities for academicians and practitioners with multidisciplinary interests to interact with each other and explore research opportunities, curricular innovations and their delivery, seek out partnerships between academia and practice communities dealing with all aspects of the business that overlaps the fields of supply chain and technology management.

The purpose of this conference is to investigate various aspects of these complexities and explore competitive strategies across the global business landscape. The organizers are inviting scholars and practitioners to submit abstracts/papers. We are also seeking proposals for panel discussion/workshops in line with the conference themes.

The Global Supply Chain Management Conference is offered by the Global Supply Chain Management Consortium, founded by the University of Toledo.  Consortium members include the University of Tokyo (Japan), Hanyang University (Korea), PSG Institute of Management (India), Zhejiang University (China), Lebanese American University (LAU) and Instituto de Empresa IE Business School (Spain).


For additional information, contact:  
Dr. Euisung Jung
Dr. Yue Zhang   
Dr. Xinghao Yan

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