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Frequently Asked Questions

What about theft?

With the luxury of being able to carry a laptop around anywhere also comes the liability of theft. The College of Business laptops come pre-installed with software called lojack that tracks down stolen laptops. The software that is pre-installed on the laptops, works behind the scenes to contact the lojack monitoring center. If the laptop is stolen the location is reported using an internet connection. Local law enforcement is then contacted to retrieve the stolen laptop. For more information on the computrace lojack software, click here.


Am I required to purchase a laptop from the University of Toledo?

Although incoming freshman are not required to purchase a laptop, the College of Business strongly suggests buying one of the recommended laptops. Students with a recommended laptop are assured of receiving a durable computer with unbeatable service at a substantial price discount. For more information on what a recommended laptop comes with see Notebook Models, Services, and Software. For students who don't own a laptop there are computer labs available 24/7 in Stranahan 1019, 0125, 0127, & 0120. There are also laptops available to check out from the virtual lab, located in Stranahan 0125.

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Do the laptops come pre-installed with all the software I'll need?

For a complete list of all the software that will come pre-installed on your laptop see the software page. Microsoft Office is not installed on the recommended laptops. The University of Toledo has negotiated a deal with Microsoft where students are offered the 2007 Office Suite for a discounted price. The reason Microsoft Office is not pre-installed is because students are not offered the discounted price until they are enrolled in classes. For information on purchasing Microsoft Office, visit the e-academy website.

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Do I need a printer?

Black and white printers are available for students to use in Stranahan rooms 0120, 0125, 0127, and 1019. Limited color printing is also available in Stranahan room 0125. Most students however find it very useful to have their own personal printer. Personal printers are also available to purchase from the dell website as an accessory when a laptop is purchased.


Are printers or other accessories available to purchase?

Yes, Dell also offers a number of accessories to purchase for your laptop including printers, carrying cases, flash drives, and more. For a complete list see the optional accessories page.


Why do I see laptop offers from Dell or other vendors for less money?

Laptop prices can be very complicated. There are a number of factors that must be accounted for when buying a new laptop. In your newspaper you might see offers for very low priced laptops, here are some tips to remember when comparing different laptop deals:

  • Vendors sometimes advertise low end models of laptops at very low prices just to get you to come into their store. When you actually choose a laptop with the features you need you've probably paid a lot more than the advertised price.
  • Offering only one year warranties are another way vendors can substantially lower the cost of a laptop. Extended warranties can cost several hundred dollars, but many times are well worth the cost. The recommended laptops from the College of Business come with a three year warranty.
  • Compare the hardware components of the recommended laptops with the laptops offered by the vendors. Check the memory, processor, processor speed, video card, hard drive size, hard drive speed, operating system, and optical drive. For complete list of the hardware componenets in the Dell D630 and Dell D830 see Laptop Models.

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Am I at a disadvantage If I don't purchase a recommended laptop?

Those students who buy a COBI recommended laptop receive excellent support for their laptop and are equipped with preinstalled software. Students who choose not to buy a recommended laptop do have the option to purchase the pre-installed software themselves. Students who don't own a recommended laptop may find that certain services and repairs are not offered.


What should I do if my laptop needs a repair while I'm on campus?

While on campus students can call the dell support desk at 419-530-XXXX for computer repairs. The support desk will schedule an appointment for when the student can bring their laptop to be repaired.


What should I do if my laptop needs a repair while I'm on a break?

All recommended COBI laptops come with a standard three year warranty. If your laptop needs a repair while your off campus you can contact dell from anywhere in the U.S. to receive support. Dell's customer service number is 1-800-915-3355.


When should I purchase?

Dell is constantly updating their line of computers. The College of Business recommends students purchase their laptop in July. Purchasing a laptop in July allows students to receive the newest technology, and give them sufficient time to become familiar with their new computer.


Last Updated: 9/7/21