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COBA Laptop Services

The value-added services COBI Computing provides to help enhance your laptop experience 

On Campus Hardware Repair

College Computing is a knowledgeable repair depot for Dell. If you have a problem with your COBI laptop, experienced technicians provide repair services to you under the vendor's warranty - at no extra charge to you.

Loaner Laptops

Ifyour COBI laptop needs to undergo a prolonged repair while you are on campus, you'll be given a loaner * to use until your laptop is repaired.

* In rare instances, loaner demand may exceed the supply. If that occurs, we will maintain a wait-list and fulfill loaner requests as quickly as loaners are returned.  To avoid this situation, please consider having your laptop serviced at the time that the problem occurs; do not wait until the beginning or end of the semester, as this introduces a longer wait for repairs and, in some cases, a loaner may not be immediately available.

Remote Technical Support

Tired of trying to fix a software problem on your own? Allow a technician to take remote control over your laptop, sit back, and watch!

Data Backup/Recovery Services

Wewill automatically back up important data files to one of our file servers and, if your hard drive fails, we will put your latest data backup on your loaner laptop while yours is being repaired.


  Vendor Serv.

Key vendor-related services that COBI Computing has ensured are included in the laptop purchasing program 

Accidental Damage Protection

Hey, accidents can happen... If something happens to your Dell laptop, you can have it repaired, or even replaced, if necessary.

Full Service Vendor Warranty

Traveling during a semester break? Are you home for the summer? If you need vendor support while away from campus, your COBI laptop is backed with premium support from the COBI Computing Department or Dell. Well traveled? If so, you can have your Dell laptop repaired by any certified Dell vendor within the U.S.

The vendor warranty begins on the date your COBI laptop is shipped to you by the vendor or purchased from the COBI laptop purchasing program.


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Last Updated: 9/7/21