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Main Campus Hiring checklist for a Student Employment Position


Will you be hiring students who will be in this position for the first time or rehiring a student who was not employed in this role during the previous semester? 

*A student must have also applied to the position to be eligible to be hired.

Yes:  The position must be posted using the job template on Handshake for a minimum of 7 days.

    • Handshake: Job Posting Number

No:  You will not need to post the position.


Departments are required to submit a background check for their student workers if they meet any of the following criteria defined in the Universities Background Check Policy 3364-25-47. 

Please check the list below to determine if your student worker will require a pre-employment criminal background check.    

  1. Responsibility for care of children or minors, such as childcare workers, camp counselors, etc. in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards and University of Toledo Policy Number 3364-10-17 Minors on Campus.
  2. Care of patients in health care settings such as hospitals, dental clinics, clinics, mental health facilities, etc. in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  3.  Access to “select agents and toxins,” or “controlled substances” as defined under state and federal law.
  4. Access to master keys, electronic access, or key access to residences and areas requiring a high level of security, such as those that store controlled substances or money, research facilities, etc.
  5. Entrustment of university vehicles when proof of a valid driver’s license is a job requirement.
  6. Students hired into supervisory, resident hall, or teaching responsibilities involving unsupervised, direct contact with students.
  7. Public safety enforcement support.
  8.  Access to student/employee personally identifiable information including but not limited to access to the Human Resources Information System.
  9.  Handling of financial matters; can be limited to those positions with approval authority or access above a set dollar amount
  • Yes:  Your department should have a designated staff member with access to IntelliCorp who can enter the student’s information to initiate the process.
  • No:  A background check is not needed at this time


In an effort to increase efficiency and reduce our paper consumption, we are excited to announce we have made several of our new hire documents digital.

Forms for Student Employment are required before the student may be approved to begin working.


These two links are also available for the students to access directly from the Your Hired section of the On-Campus Student Employment Website.


Please contact your department/business areas student I9 representative to initiate the digital I9 through Intellicorp.  They will email the link to the student to complete Section 1 of the I-9 form. Once the student has completed Section 1, the student I9 representative will set up an appointment with to verify the student’s forms of identification and complete Section 2 of the I-9 form. Please remember to advise your students they must bring original and appropriate forms of identification to this meeting. If you have questions about what forms of identification to bring, please contact On-Campus Student Employment.


  • Direct Deposit & Federal Tax Withholdings                                                                           
    These documents are digital and available through the student's employee tab.
  • W4 (State Tax)
    A link is available through the employee tab or on the Human Resources hiring page.
  • OPERS Exemption/Enrollment Once the student's ePAF is uploaded into the system; they will receive a text message from OPERS within a couple of days.  If they do not exempt out within 30 days of starting their position, they will be automatically enrolled in OPERS.


Once you have completed all of the necessary steps for hiring your on-campus student worker, the final step is to create your ePAF and submit it for approval.  Once the ePAF is completely wholly approved and uploaded in to the system you will receive a system generated message informing you your student has been cleared to begin working.  As the ePAF creator you are also able to look in your ePAF Originator Summary and see where the student is at in the process. 

To ensure that we can continue to process students as quickly as possible the following information will be required in the comments section of your ePAF. 

Failure to provide the following information will result in your ePAF being returned for correction.

  • Handshake Posting Number
  • Background Check Submitted on (list N/A if not required)


If you have questions regarding Student Employment, please contact:

Joshua Vail
Student Employment Specialist
Mail Stop 112

If you have questions regarding Payroll, please contact:
Mail Stop 975

If you have questions regarding Federal Work-Study, please contact:
Financial Aid
Mail Stop 314

Last Updated: 9/16/22