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FEDERAL WORK-STUDY experiment | Employer Overview 

Starting fall 2022 the University of Toledo will be expanding the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program to include off-campus employment in the form of internships. This new expansion is known as the FWS Experiment. 

The FWS Experiment seeks to expand the number of private-sector and off-campus job opportunities available to FWS recipients. The Experiment hopes to provide financial resources to enhance experiential and work-based learning for low-income students.

The FWS Program will pay 50-75% of wages for students working in industry to elevate their career readiness. Wage matches are based on for-profit and non-profit status. Organizations are responsible for covering the remainder of the wage the Experiment does not cover.

Indication of the percentage of wages the employer is responsible for:  







Advantages of  FWS Experiment

Increase talent pool for future workforce

Reduce employer workload 

Increase the visibility of your organization 

Opportunity to mentor young professionals 

Increase savings on labor cost 

Fosters a connection between students and your organization 




Please read the FWS Manual to ensure you are familiar with the FWS Experiment and expectation of the employers.


Complete the Program Interest Form. This form will start the process for your organization as a for-profit or non-profit FWS Experiment partner. 

Program Interest Form 


Create a job description for your internship opportunity. The below template will help you create an inclusive job description that incorporates all the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) competencies. 


Once you have met with Career Services and you are approved to participate in the Experiment, fill out the FWS Experiment Contract Agreement. This form is an agreement between the institution and the organization that contractually demonstration the commitment for one fiscal year. This contract will be signed annually.  

  1. Sign and notarize the FWS Experiment Contract Agreement. 
  2. Scan and Email a copy of the completed Agreement, Job Description, and Program Form to:
  3. Mail via Postal Service: Two (2) Original signed and notarized Private Organization FWS X-Site Agreement, FWS Experiment Job Description, and Program Interest Form to: 
    1. University of Toledo, Attention: Career Services, 2801 W. Bancroft Street, Mail Stop 112, Toledo OH 43606 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does the FWS Experiment last? Internships hours and length vary by major and department. However, the FWS Experiment program will operate on a semester basis.  

How many hours can my intern work a week? Student interns can work up to 30 hours per week, depending on their FWS allocations. 

Do you provide evaluation tools for the student intern? Yes, Career Services will provide supervisors with a SkillSurvey assessment to evaluate the student. The assessment will be based on the job description and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies.  

How about breaks? Can students still work during that time? Yes, work-study students can work over break (summer will be a separate semester); however, students are not obligated to work over breaks and holidays. Also, your agency is not obligated to provide work for students if your agency would otherwise be closed. Students who do work on holidays are paid their regular hourly rate.


For more information contact:

Kayleen Kalb | 419.530.2992





Last Updated: 8/8/22