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Lunch and Lead Series

Explore leadership topics with Eberly Center staff and guest speakers from campus and the community in our new Lunch and Lead monthly series. Because we want these sessions to be accessible to as many people as possible, we will be hosting them virtually. All sessions are free and open to the public. Reserve your spot at the link below.

Lunch & Lead spring 2023 Schedule

how to beat burnout

January 21 | 12pm | Virtual Event

The Art of kNOwing: Speaking Up and Setting Boundaries

February 27 | 12pm | Virtual Event

It’s important to feel valued and seen in the workplace and in our personal lives. We may give too much and receive little in return causing us to feel frustrated and exhausted. We take on too many tasks which doesn’t leave much room for self-care or have balance in all the roles we play in our lives. Speaking up allows us to express our needs for us to thrive, while setting boundaries gives us and others in our lives guidelines on how we desire to be treated. During this Lunch and Lead, community leader and higher ed professional Alishea Wynn will teach us tips to speak up about our needs and set boundaries to conserve our energy and be treated the way we deserve.

I can Do it: Self-Advocacy in Professional Spaces

March 22 | 12pm | Virtual Event

Advocating for oneself or others is an activity that can often come with a lot of stress and hesitancy. In this presentation we will discuss how to identify when you might want to advocate as well as ways to improve your advocacy confidence and skills. Let’s take the worry out of the process and start to feel more like advocacy is something you can do!

Unlocking the Power of Manifestation

April 5 | 12pm | Virtual Event

In this session, Malaika will share ways to break through the barriers in revealing your desires. Are affirmations and visualizations enough?   

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