Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women

Women of the Week

The Eberly Center  recognizes outstanding students, faculty, and staff by highlighting a woman of the week in our weekly newsletter.

We want to applaud the women on campus who make a difference every day in the work that they do, the people they interact with, and the communities they serve! Our newsletter contains pieces of the interviews with each of the Women of the Week, and all of their answers can be found below!

Due to the ongoing selection process of the inaugural Woman of the Year, Women of the Week highlights will be paused through the remainder of the spring semester and throughout the summer. Nominations will open back up following our Women's Recognition Ceremony on April 15, 2021.

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2020-2021 Women of the Week

clark                                    Malaika                                     aanchal

Maddie Clark                                    Malaika Bell                                      Aanchal Senapati

enjie                                    Laurie                                    Allison

Enjie Hall                                           Laurie Tomkinson                             Allison Berns


Dr. King                                  Dr. Thompson                                     yvette

Adrienne King                                 Amy Thompson                                  Yvette Perry


Navindi                              Alayna                                        Ali   

Navindi Sandali Weerasinghe     Alayna Bouie                                        Ali Moore


kathleen                               Candy                                       sara

Kathleen Walsh                             Candy Busdiecker                               Sara Clark

alex                              Hanna                                       Susan                     

Alex Lewin                                     Hanna Ahmad                                    Susan Edinger

Melissa                              bobbi                                      yasmeen                                      

Melissa Spann                              Bobbi Vaughan                                    Yasmeen Hamdah

megan                             eliana                                       isabelle                   

Megan Hilbert                             Eliana Shaffer                                      Isabelle Todd


Payton Beechler




Elizabeth Akeman
Bethany Arn
Shahna Arps
Tulani Black
Laura Brown
Pam Dewalt
Anita Easterly
Sydni Harmon
Sally Harmych
Jahnee Horn
Aleiah Jones
Ting Li
Karie Peralta
Jeanine Refsnider-Streby
Teresa Rodriguez
Kelsi Rooks
Rebecca Sturges
Heena Thakkar
Taylor Wynne

Last Updated: 3/31/21