Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program at UT

Photo Gallery

BOSEF: Building Ohio's Sustainable Energy Future     

 NASA  BOSEF1 Solar Vehicle Project
 Building BOSEF Event FundRaising BOSEF logo
BRIM: Biomarker Research and Individualized Medicine     
 COFFE Showcase
COFFEE: COF for Engineering Entrepreneurship     
 COFFE Showcase Coffee  Jordan Keefe 
PSM in Photovoltaics     
PSM Poster Presentation Solar Simulator PSM1 Glove Box System
    Sputtering System   PSM-Photovoltaics  Solar array    PhotoElectric Circuit
Primary Care Scholarships - Nursing (PCMH)
Demo2 College of Nursing Brain 3D
   Demo    NursingSurgery    Kidney
WWF: Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship     
WWF2015    WWF2014
Last Updated: 2/23/21