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First Year Experience Orientation Course

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FYE Update

The course known as “FYE” or “First Year Experience” is required for all incoming, direct from high-school students at the University of Toledo. This year, Jennifer Rockwood, director of the First Year Experience in the College of Innovative Learning, and Learning Ventures have completed a project that helps clarify and emphasize learning objectives, increase in-class engagement and increase retention as we prepare our first-year students for their academic journey.

FYE Orientation Course

The new module site, hosted in the Blackboard system, consists of over 50 "modules," each mapped to a set of learning outcomes. “Each student will have an opportunity to select from a number of projects, assignments, and activities that will be designed to help them adjust to challenges, learn how to learn, better understand the global university environment, and to connect early and often to faculty inside and outside the FYE course,” said Jennifer Rockwood, director of First Year Experience.  The FYE faculty will determine which modules they would like to incorporate in the student selection process.  These course resources and tools are available in the Blackboard modules and can be used to enhance your classroom activities.  Faculty can log in to blackboard.utdl.edu to review these modules.

Last Updated: 6/26/15