Higher Education Program

Community College Student Internationalization Experience Survey

We are proposing a comprehensive survey program for community colleges that will document the variety of international programs, services, and practices in which their students are involved, and will provide benchmark information about how these involvements compare with student involvements in similar community colleges.  The data that are gathered from individual two-year college campuses will be compiled to create a research database that will allow for the exploration of the influence, if any, that these student involvements in internationalization activities have on key student outcomes. 

The Internationalization Research Group is currently composed of six faculty and administrators at the University of Toledo:  Dr. Snejana Slantcheva-Durst, assistant professor and master’s program coordinator in the Higher Education Program, Dr. Debra Gentry, assistant professor in the Higher Education Program, Dr. Ron Opp, associate professor and doctoral program coordinator in the Higher Education Program, Dr. Penny Poplin Gosetti, associate professor in the Higher Education Program and Dean of the Judith Herb College of Education, Dr.Christine Knaggs, Assistant Professor at Lourdes University, and Dr. Aige Guo, Coordinator in the Center for International Studies and Programs. 

This research group has been formed for the purpose of developing a sustained research agenda focusing on documenting the range of student involvements in international activities, and on measuring the impact of these involvements on key student outcomes, including students’ self-confidence to work in a global economy, intentions to persist and graduate, and intentions to work or travel abroad.



Last Updated: 6/9/16