Paralegal Studies

Info About Paralegals

What is a paralegal?

Paralegals work in the legal profession and are an important part of the legal team.  Although paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public (except as permitted by law) they do help attorneys conduct interviews and investigations, research cases, draft legal documents, assist at real estate closings, depositions, trials and much more! 

Paralegals serve as assistants to attorneys and perform many tasks under the supervision and direction of attorneys. Paralegals are needed wherever one finds attorneys.  They work in law offices, the Prosecutor's office, corporate legal departments, the courts, and in governmental agenices.

What are the employment and salary opportunities for a Paralegal?

UT's paralegal graduates are employed throughout the country by prestigious law firms, the court system, city government, and corporations. Approximately 79% of our graduates are working in the legal profession, with the majority of the remainder continuing their education and not seeking legal employment at this time.

Paralegals locally can earn up to $32,000 upon entering the job market. Locally, experienced legal assistants earn up to $60,000. Statewide, experienced paralegals earn up to $72,000. Regionally, experienced paralegals can earn up to $100,000.  See the salary surveys under the "Breaking News" portion of this website for more information.

Using "Paralegal" as a Pre-Law Program

Pre-Law Preparation:
Some students decide that they want to go on with their education and become an attorney.  For those students, they find that UT’s Paralegal Studies Program is an excellent “Pre-Law” preparation.  In addition, graduates from UT’s Bachelor degree in Paralegal Studies, who meet certain criteria, have a guaranteed admission to UT's College of Law! 

Last Updated: 6/9/16