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Student Computing

What is Student Computing

Every semester all CSJHS students pay a student technology fee.  The technology fee covers a variety of technology and computing services designated for CSJHS students and the enhancement of classroom learning.  All departments within the CSJHS benefit from the technology fees.

There is a student equipment checkout station located in the HH building in Room 2400A. We currently have PC laptops available for checkout.

Additional computer services and assistance are provided in the Student Computing office located in HH2400A.  Some of these services include: Poster printing, scanning, digital conversion, PC virus scanning, and UTAD account maintenance.

Student Computing also provides the mediation of departmental classrooms so that students have access to the same level of technological instruction as students in general classrooms.  The technology fee purchases annually a number of computers and various instructional and specialized software packages that are used in departments for individual major classes.

For a full list of services please checkout the Tech Fee Services page.



A college-wide print quota system was put in place Summer 2010 for CSJHS.  This was in compliance to a University-wide initiative implemented by all colleges throughout campus.

CSJHS enrolled students are provided a $45 print value which is covered by the Technology fee assessed students.  The number of pages allowed per student depends on what resources the student uses.  Description of the charges subtracted from the $45 print value is as noted:  One-sided, B&W is $.03/page; Two-sided, B&W is $.05/page; One-sided, color is $.10/page; and Two-sided, color is $.19/page.  All students print quota is reestablished at the beginning of each semester.  You can obtain your print quota balance by logging into computers in CSJHS labs.


Located in the main corridors, large digital screens have been hung to allow all departments within the College to display information for our students.  Students will be able to watch CNN with closed captioning and UT open forums put on by President Jacobs.  The monitors will be used to notify students of events, meetings, student services, and even college related scholarships.

Most importantly, Red Alert Notifications will be channeled through these displays.  College Computing initiated this effort and worked with Wide Area Media and internal IT staff to reprogram The University Alert system to be operational through the digital signage.


The wireless network on campus includes support of  high speed wireless (802.11N).  Faculty/staff/students have access to the public/private/privateN options when using wireless laptops.  Our “Public” wireless network allows any visitor on campus to grab an internet connection without authenticating to UT's domain (UTAD).  The “Private” wireless network is for faculty and students and requires a UTAD username and password.


College Computing in collaboration with Academic Support created standards for the College's mediated classrooms.  In 2012 the Tech Fee Committee approved the upgrade of several mediated classrooms in HH.  The classrooms are now outfitted with Smartboards, document cameras, Crestron control units and other equipment to support the growing need for audio/visual learning in the classroom.

Last Updated: 6/9/16