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Financial Issues When Caring for a Person with AD:
A Male Perspective

Author: Cheryl E. Gies, DPN, APRN, CNP

In these tough economic times, financial issues can be sources of stress for many men. Traditionally, men have held a leadership role in the family as the "provider", responsible for having a job and earning wages that meet the needs of the family. Careful financial planning is an important part of being a good provider.

Adequate finances can become a serious issue for caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease (AD). As one gentleman related, "Right now finances are not an issue. I fear they may be in the future". You too may have already faced unexpected expenses and job issues related to caregiving and now have concerns about what financial problems you may face in the future. AD caregiving is not limited to days or weeks; but, is a commitment that is measured in years. The costs of providing care and additional services can become substantial as your loved one's mental and physical state worsens over time.

This educational module is designed to help you think about some financial issues that men worry about and offer suggestions and resources to help you plan for the future.

Learning Objectives:

Using this module will help you to:

  1. Recognize common financial issues for male caregivers.
  2. Identify financial resources for short and long term solutions.


Chris TooperChris Cooper, MSFS, CFP®, EA

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