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Being an Informed Consumer

When Someone Says, "How Can I Help?"

When someone offers to help, say “yes”...

-Ask for an afternoon or evening out.
-Ask for help with the laundry and ironing.
-Ask them to help bundle up and dispose of recyclable materials and/or take out the trash.
-Take time to pick up a book at the library and read.
-Take time to send a card or write a letter.
-Bake a treat or make a meal.

help-Ask for help with light housekeeping.
-Do grocery shopping.
-Run an errand.
-Take car in for service or regular maintenance.
-Ask for help with seasonal yard work.
-Ask them to just sit and listen.


Remember: Caregiver, you offer one of the greatest gifts anyone can give to another human being. But living life fully includes caring for yourself, too. Keep both in balance and your life’s journey will be rich and rewarding.

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