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The caregiver role can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be challenging at times. Here are some ways that can help you, "the caregiver", coordinate and provide needed services to ensure the health and safety of those in your care.

How Do You Know What You Need?

-Start with you…. What are you able to provide at this time?

-Try to avoid the “I can do it all” syndrome when setting up care.

-Help your loved one identify the situation and his/her needs.

-Talk. Find out and understand the preferences and concerns of those you care for.

-Identify exactly what you can and cannot do for your loved one. Say no when you must.

-Make a list of what is needed. What services can you provide?

-Service might be more readily accepted if recommended by a healthcare professional.

-If costs are a concern for you and/or your loved one, investigate provisions of insurance coverage and Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

The solution may not always be perfect. You may need to accept a decision until a situation arises that causes a change.

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Additional Information:

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