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Tuition waiver policy features

UToledo's Tuition Waiver policy requires submission of the Tuition Waiver Request form prior to the semester payment due date, posted on the Treasurer’s webpage in advance of each semester.  

For more information, please review the tuition waiver policy and Frequently Asked Questions below.  Employees with specific questions about their tuition waiver benefit should contact benefits@utoledo.edu.


Tuition Waiver FAQs

1.       Who is eligible for the Tuition Waiver benefit?

·            Benefit-eligible Main Campus and Health Science Campus full-time and regular part-time (minimum 0.5 FTE) employees, as well as their spouses and dependents, are eligible for tuition waivers.
·            Employees’ eligibility starts the first semester following the date of hire and following successful completion of the probationary period.
·            For spouses and dependents, the employee’s first year of calendar year of service must be completed prior to the first day of the academic term to which the benefit applies.
·            Note: Employees in collective bargaining units should refer to their collective bargaining agreement for any specific details related to tuition waivers.

2.       What does the Tuition Waiver cover and are there any restrictions?

                Unless precluded by collective bargaining agreements, limitations are noted below …

·         For employees:

o   The waiver covers 100% of undergraduate tuition, and graduate tuition up to the non-specialized graduate tuition per-credit-hour rate.

o   The waiver cannot be used for audited or non-credit courses, nor for College of Medicine and JD College of Law courses.

o   The waiver applies to UToledo tuition only, except for the reciprocity agreement with Bowling Green State University.

·         For employees’ spouses and dependents:

o   The waiver covers 100% of undergraduate tuition.

o   Full-time enrollment is not required; however, there is a 150-credit-hour cap on the number of credit hours for which the waiver applies.

o   Courses must be taken toward a  UToledo degree and for credit.

o   Coursework is subject to annual verification of satisfactory academic progress.

o   The waiver applies to UToledo tuition only.

·         For eligible surviving spouses and eligible dependents of deceased employees (who had five years or more of service with the University):

o   The benefit must be used once during the 10 years following the date of the employee’s death; and,

o   They may continue to use the tuition waiver until they graduate or are no longer eligible.

·         For retirees and spouses of retirees:

o   Most UToledo courses may be taken tuition-free if audited and when space is available.

o   Please visit Program 60 for more details.

·         For dependents of retirees (who had five or more years of service with the University):

o   The tuition waiver is available for up to five years after the employee retired.


3.       Do tuition waiver restrictions apply if I’m an employee in a collective bargaining unit?

·         The University honors its collective bargaining unit contracts; therefore, some of the new policy changes currently have no impact on employees covered by CBAs that contain language specific to Educational Benefits. Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement for any specific details related to the tuition waiver benefit.


4.       May I use the tuition waiver for a class I’m repeating?

·         The tuition waiver policy stipulates that the University will pay for each course only once unless the withdrawal is due to extenuating services, defined by the University’s Administrative Adjustment for Extenuating Circumstances policy (3364-71-16), or if the course is designed to be repeated for credit.


5.       How do I submit a tuition waiver form?

·         Log in to your myUT account via the web portal.
·         Under the Employee tab, use the link for submitting the tuition waiver form.
·         Note: You/the student must be registered for classes PRIOR to submitting a waiver request.  


6.       What is the deadline for submitting the tuition waiver form?

·         The deadline for submitting the form is prior to the payment due date posted on the Treasurer’s webpage in advance of each semester.
·         Forms submitted after the deadline will not be eligible.

7.       May I (my spouse/dependents) be reimbursed for the general fee or others?

·         Per the revised policy, tuition waivers apply only to tuition fees but exclude other fees, such as the general, application fee and other miscellaneous fees.
·         Some parts of the policy do not apply to employees in collective bargaining units (CBUs). If you are a member of a collective bargaining unit, please refer to your CBU agreement for any specific details related to the tuition waiver benefit.

8.       Does the tuition waiver cover late fees?

·         No. The Benefits department is unable to remove any late fees you may incur because your balance is not paid in full by the semester due date.
·         It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their balance is paid by the due date.
·         The Treasurer’s Office posts semester due dates and late fee assessment dates on its webpage in advance of each semester.
·         The Treasurer’s Office also sends late fee notifications to the student’s primary email a few days before the late fee assessment as a courtesy attempt to help prevent students from incurring additional fees.
·         Please refer to the Treasurer's website (Important Dates).

9.       If my dependent child currently is taking 12 credit hours but now needs to drop a class, do I need to contact Human Resources?

·         No. To be eligible for the UToledo dependent tuition waiver, your dependent does not need to be a full-time student taking 12 credit hours.

10.   Can I use a tuition waiver for summer classes?

·         Yes; however, intersession classes are not covered.

13.   Can I use a tuition waiver for intersession classes?

·         No, intersession classes are not covered by the tuition waiver benefit.

14.   May I take classes at BGSU and use UToldeo’s tuition waiver?

·         The reciprocity program is available only for employees, and only for coursework that is not offered at UToledo.
·         Coursework must be degree-seeking and taken for credit.
·         Eligible employees must follow BGSU rules and regulations regarding use of BGSU waiver, which is available from the BGSU Human Resources.

15.   Why did the Tuition Waiver policy change, effective summer 2020?

·         While the Tuition Waiver policy is an important benefit for employees, some components of the previous policy could not be sustained given the University’s fiscal realities.
·         Because the University supports and encourages lifelong learning, UToledo remains strongly committed to the policy's core benefit -  tuition waiver, as well as offering other key employee benefits that help to position UToledo as a preferred employer of choice in this region, such as robust healthcare benefits, generous time off and formal staff professional development opportunities.

16.   Whom should I contact with specific questions about UToledo’s tuition waiver?

·         Employees who need assistance or have any questions about tuition waivers that are not answered in the Tuition Waiver policy or your collective bargaining unit agreement, please contact the appropriate office listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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