Student Health Plan

Student Health Plan for 2019-20

Because your health is key to achieving academic success, The University of Toledo offers students ready access to healthcare coverage and a full line of health services conveniently located on our campuses.

For 2019-20, UToledo is pleased to offer our undergraduate and graduate students the Student Health Plan – available through the University and administered by Payer Fusion, LLC

All students should have healthcare coverage and may choose to (1) remain on their employer’s plan or their parent’s plan, (2) be covered by the Student Health Plan or (3) purchase a commercial plan through the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

When compared to other health plans, the Student Health Plan provides excellent levels of healthcare coverage at competitive rates.

This website provides you with details about (1) the Student Health Plan, (2) healthcare plan definitions you may find helpful to understand your coverage and (3) UToledo’s many on-site healthcare services and facilities, plus other local healthcare resources.


Your health and well-being are very important to your academic success. As part fueling tomorrows, the University strives to offer all our students a wide variety of convenient healthcare services, exceptional providers and facilities that help to fuel your future.

If you have any questions about the Student Health Plan or enrolling, please contact or 419.530.3474.

When it comes to your health and healthcare coverage, we’ve got you covered!


The enrollment period for fall semester 2019 runs through Monday, Sept. 30

If you are a student mandated to have healthcare coverage and so are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan (refer to Who is Eligible? below), you may waive coverage by providing proof of coverage by a comparable plan. The deadline to waive coverage also is Monday, Sept. 30.


All undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at The University of Toledo may enroll in the Student Health Plan. 

 You are mandated to be automatically enrolled in this plan – and the fee assessed to your UToledo student account – if you are:

  • An international student holding a J-1 visa,
  • A student-athlete, or 
  • In a health-related program, such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy or an allied health field.

The Student Health Plan meets the J1 visa requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of State, the individual mandate for healthcare coverage and the minimum essential coverage required by the Affordable Care Act.

If you are mandated to be covered by the Student Health Plan but are covered by a comparable plan, review Waiving Coverage.


The Student Health Plan covers much, if not all, of the costs for your healthcare needs.

The plan covers (in part or in full) expenses such as …

  • On-campus student health center visits;
  • Doctor’s exams, including OB/Gyn care;
  • Therapy sessions with a behavioral healthcare professional;
  • Prescriptions filled at our on-campus outpatient pharmacies;
  • Outpatient treatment ordered by a healthcare provider (e.g., allergy injections, lab/blood tests, X-rays and other diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, etc.);
  • Urgent care center visits for injuries and illnesses that need prompt care after hours or on weekends;
  • Emergency Center care for sudden and serious injuries or illnesses;
  • Medically required surgery; and
  • Hospitalizations required to treat a serious disease or injury.

Dental and vision care also are available to UToledo students, as well as healthcare coverage for dependents (spouse/children), if needed. Refer to How to Enroll below to sign up for dental, vision and/or dependent coverage.


Details about the Student Health Plan's premium and coverage are available by using the following links:

Undergraduate Student Health PLAN

Graduate Student HEALTH PLAN




To enroll in the Student Health Plan, access the online enrollment tool:

  • Log in to the myUT portal using your utad and password.
  • In the Toolkit (top left of your screen), select the Student Health Insurance – Enroll-or Waive link under the My Registration Steps section.
  • Select Enroll 

To enroll for Dental or Vision coverage, and/or Health Plan coverage for your dependents (spouse/children):

  • Log in to the myUT portal using your utad and password.
  • In the Toolkit (top left of your screen), select the Student Health Insurance – Enroll or Waive link under the My Registration Steps section.
  • Select Add Dependent/Spouse OR Vision/Dental


Students mandated to have healthcare coverage are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Plan. (Refer to Who is Eligible? above.) They include J-1 visa students, student-athletes and students enrolled in health-related programs (such as medical residents, nursing and pharmacy students, and students in other health-related fields).

If you are one of these students and would like to waive Student Health Plan coverage, you must provide proof that you have comparable health coverage through another plan. The waiver deadline for fall semester 2019 is Monday, Sept. 30. 

NOTE: If you do not waive the Student Health Plan by this date by completing the above online form and providing proof of another healthcare plan, your UToledo student account will be assessed Student Health Plan fees.

To waive coverage by the Student Health Plan:

  • Log in to the myUT portal.
  • In the Toolkit section, choose the Student Health Insurance – Enroll or Waive link under the My Registration Steps section.
  • Select Request Waiver
  • Select the term.
  • Complete the requested information.
  • Select Submit.

If you need help using the online tool or have any questions about enrolling in the Student Health Plan (or waiving coverage), please contact or 419.530.3474.

Last Updated: 9/4/19