Student Health Coverage Plan

Student Health Coverage Plan for 2018-2019

The University of Toledo believes it is important that all students maintain health-care coverage to help ensure academic success and well-being. To assist with this goal, the University offers a Student Health Insurance Plan.

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, UT entered into a partnership with a new provider, Payer Fusion, LLC, to manage the plan starting Spring 2019. The plan provides excellent levels of health coverage, with low out-of-pocket costs when compared to plans offered commercially or through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. For Affordable Care Act plan information, visit


The UT Student Health Insurance Plan has three options available — Gold, Silver and Bronze —for undergraduate and graduate students, for a total of six primary health-care coverage choices. A Supplemental Plan also is available. Detailed information about the premium rates is available at:

Undergraduate Student Insurance Premium Rates

Graduate Student Insurance Premium Rates

Supplemental Care Plan Rates

The University is reviewing options to add dental and vision insurance coverage plans in the near future. Additional information about those plans will be shared as soon implementation is completed.


All students attending The University of Toledo who are enrolled for at least one credit hour are eligible to enroll in a Student Health Insurance Plan. 

Some students are mandated to have health insurance and are automatically enrolled in the UT Student Health Insurance Plan. International students holding J-1 visas, student athletes and students in programs requiring health-care coverage will have the cost of the appropriate undergraduate or graduate Bronze level plan assessed to their student account. Programs requiring students to have health-care coverage for the 2018-19 academic year are the MD program and programs in the Colleges of Health and Human Services, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nursing. The Bronze plan meets the individual mandate for health-care coverage, the minimum essential coverage requirements as set forth by the Affordable Care Act and the J1 visa requirements as set forth by the U.S. Department of State.


To access the online enrollment tool, log in to the MyUT portal and click on the “Health Insurance – Enroll, Change or Waive” link under the “My Registration Steps” section in your toolkit. Select the term for Spring 2019 and make your selection. The enrollment period for Spring 2019 runs through Jan. 31, 2019.


Students who are mandated to have health insurance may waive this coverage with proof of comparable health insurance coverage online via the MyUT portal. To submit a waiver, click on the Health Insurance link under the “My Registration Steps” section in your toolkit in the portal. Select the term and complete the form.

If you do have other insurance, it is important to contact your insurance company, the human resources department for your employer or your parents’ employer, or your agent to understand how these other benefit plans could impact your high-deductible health plan or out-of-state HMO.

Students whose programs mandate a student benefit plan, international J-1 visa students and student-athletes who do not complete an online waiver with the necessary proof of current insurance prior to the waiver deadline will be enrolled in the Bronze plan and the cost of the plan will be billed as part of their tuition. The waiver deadline for Spring 2019/Summer is Jan. 31, 2019.


The University of Toledo’s highly trained and experienced staff offers a variety of services, which include primary and acute medical care, women's health care, counseling and psychiatric services, laboratory testing, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications.You also may visit outside physicians who participate with the Student Health Coverage Plan. To receive care on campus, contact:

Main Campus Medical Center

  • 419.530.3451
  • Located on the southwest side of campus across from International House and Academic House, next to Rocket Hall.

Health Sciences Campus – Student Health and Wellness Center

  • 419.383.5000 
  • Located in Ruppert Health Center, Lower Level Suite #003
Last Updated: 6/30/19