UToledo Human Resources

Employee Toolkit

ComplianceLine Hotline for Anonymous Reporting

The Compliance Concepts ComplianceLine is a risk-free way for you to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve unethical or inappropriate activity or behavior in violation of the University's established policies.

  • Call Toll-Free:  1-888-419-1308

IMPACT Employee Assistance Program

STEP 1: Visit MyImpactSolution.com
STEP 3: Click on "Create a new account with your company code SIGN UP"
STEP 4: Enter your Company Code: uteap and follow the instructions in your activation email. YOU ARE DONE!

Forms and Resources

ADA Reasonable Accommodation Request Form
Vacation Request Form
Direct Deposit - Instructions to update your Direct Deposit online in the myUT portal
W4 - Instructions to update your W4 Federal Tax Exemption and Allowances online in the myUT portal
Directory Update Request - This is done online in the myUT portal in the Employee Tab
Parking - This is done online in the myUT portal in the Employee Tab
I.D. Cards (Rocket Card) - Replacements are requested online in the myUT portal in the Employee Tab
PIQ for Hourly Employees
PIQ for Salaried Employees
Dispute Resolution Form
Payday Schedules
Salary/Pay Tables
Cornerstone Access Request 

Labor and Employee Relations
Labor & Employee Relations functions as a strategic partner who can orchestrate appropriate stakeholder involvement in order to execute change initiatives within the organization.

Professional Staff Association
The PSA of The University of Toledo consists of roughly 1,200 classified-exempt and unclassified administrative and professional employees who do not belong to a bargaining unit, and all full- and part-time unclassified staff, excluding those with faculty rank.  The Professional Staff Council (PSC) is the elected body that represents Professional Staff Association (PSA) to the administration on topics such as the past PSA compensation study, changes in health benefits, planning the Outstanding Staff Awards and other various issues.  Please feel free to contact any of the PSC members directly to learn more.

Sick Leave Bank
     > PSA Sick Leave Bank Policy
     > PSA Sick Leave Bank Application
     > PSA Certification of Health Care Provider
    > PSA Sick Leave Bank Donation Form 

Family Medical Leave
The Leave of Absence webpage provides information on how to request FMLA and how to go to FMLASource to enter intermittent hours.

Payroll Department
The Payroll Department link will take you to the payroll website.

The University of Toledo Policy Manual
This link provides you with access to the UToledo Policy Website.

Policies Commonly Referenced:

     > Vacation Policy - Policy Number 3364-25-36

Leaving University Employment
If you will be leaving employment with The University of Toledo through voluntary separation including retirement, this area will help you manage the transition. The Leaving University Employment link will provide you with information and documents.


Last Updated: 6/3/21