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Labor and Employee Relations

The labor & employee relations area focuses on contract administration; policy interpretation; liaison with union leadership at the local, state and national level; management training and development; collective bargaining and creative problem resolution. Various tools have been designed which can assist managers with consistent contract interpretation and employee coaching and development.

Labor & employee relations functions as a strategic partner who can orchestrate appropriate stakeholder involvement in order to execute change initiatives within the organization.

AFSCME Union Stewards

Inclement Weather
The inclement weather matrix document has been removed while it is currently under review.

Labor Agreements
A copy of the AFSCME, CWA, FOP, UTPPA, and AAUP Contracts may be viewed by clicking the links below: 

AFSCME Probationary Removal Documentation Sheet
Reasonable Accommodation Form

Disciplinary Information

Corrective Action / Performance Improvement Form 2006
Informal Counseling/Coaching Sheet
Investigation Questions
Just Cause - Seven Tests
Probation Period Extension Form
Probation Period Extension Information
Reasonable Suspicion Process & Notification Form
Weingarten Rights

Last Updated: 7/11/17