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Labor and Employee Relations

The Labor Relations section of Human Resources is responsible for handling matters that relate to non-faculty employee labor relations. Some of the major functions are listed below.

Collective Bargaining
The Board of Trustees and the President have delegated the responsibility for negotiating contracts and entering into special agreements with any of the non-faculty unions (CWA and UTPPA) to this section of the Office of Human Resources. No other office or individual has the authority to make agreement, verbal or written, with the unions or individual members under state law. The Labor Relations section is responsible for dealing with all labor issues, which arise from these contracts.

Labor Agreements
A copy of the AFSCME, CWA, FOP, UTPPA, and AAUP Contracts may be viewed by clicking the links below:

The sites for CWA Local 4319 and UT-AAUP can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Contract Administration
The Labor Relations section is also charged with interpretation of and ensuring compliance with the labor contracts. It is critical that the University comply with the labor contracts and that all departments consistently apply their provisions. Departments requiring assistance handling a specific issue should call Human Resources at 530-4747.

Grievance Administration
Most grievances arise from miscommunications between the parties. Although departments initially handle most grievance processes, the Labor Relations section can provide assistance to departments in investigating and responding to grievances. It is important for supervisors to consider how an answer to a particular grievance might impact other departments on campus.

Labor Relations can assist by providing the historical perspective on similar issues. Grievances can be appealed through several steps including a meeting held by the Director of Labor and Employee Relations and, if not resolved at that level, arbitration. The Labor Relations section is responsible for assisting supervisors and managers in investigations and resolutions of all non-faculty grievances.

The Labor Relations section will assist supervisors in dealing with non-faculty employee discipline issues. The Director of Labor and Employee Relations provides individual consultation, assistance and guidance to supervisors who feel they may need to initiate disciplinary action. The Associate Vice President of Human Resources (Appointing Authority) must approve any discipline action that results in an employee being suspended or terminated.

Release Time for Union Business
The CWA and UTPPA contracts provide for employees and union representatives to receive release time to deal with certain issues; however, employees and union officers must request approval from their supervisors to be released to deal with union business. It is appropriate for the supervisor to inquire as to the reason for the release, i.e., the amount of time the person needs and the expected return time. Under certain circumstances employees are entitled to have union representation. Release time should be granted within reasonable time limits and can be scheduled based upon operational business necessity. If you have a question about how to handle a release request, please call the Labor Relations section for assistance.

Schedule Questions
Frequently, there are questions about work schedules – when they may be changed, flextime, overtime, etc. There are policies, contract language and statutes that cover most of these circumstances. Labor Relations can help supervisors deal effectively with these issues.

Leave of Absence Requests (Unpaid Absence)

Unpaid leaves of absence may be requested only in certain situations. Requests should be made to the Director of Labor and Employee Relations. These requests must be made in accordance with the appropriate employee contract (collective bargaining agreement) and/or University policy and procedures.

Questions regarding any leave of absence--military, educational, or personal--should be directed to the Labor Relations section of the Human Resources Department, ext. 1497. 

CWA Corrective Action Forms
Informal Counseling Form - Performance
Corrective Action Form - Performance
Corrective Action Form - Absence Policy

CWA / PSA Hourly Absenteeism Policy
Absenteeism Policy
CWA Absenteeism Guidelines 01/01/09
Main Campus Sick Leave - Points Tracking Report
Redemption Program Form

Military Leave
In light of current world events a summary of the University's military leave procedure can be reviewed at the link below. The University will follow the requirements of State and Federal law regarding military leaves of absence. Military Leave Procedure.

Unemployment Compensation
The University reimburses the Ohio Bureau of Employment Services for all charges incurred when an eligible individual is unemployed through no fault of his or her own, is available for work, is physically able to work, and is actively looking for suitable work.

Employees with continuing contracts or probability of recall are not eligible to receive unemployment compensation during break periods, including summers.

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