UToledo Human Resources

Manage your Own Development

**All trainings are in-person unless noted**

EQ-I 2.0- Emotional intelligence is a proven indicator of human performance and development  Develop your emotional intelligence to communicate effectively, form strong relationships and create maximize effectiveness. Register 

Crucial Conversations
Gives you the skills to step  into disagreement, rather than over or around it and turn disagreement into dialogue for improved relations and results. Teaches eight powerful skills to help learners develop these vital skills through instruction, application, practice and coaching for lasting improvement. Register 

MBTI Step II- this assessment and training is an in-depth personalized description of your personality preferences . This training encourages self-reflection so that you can become aware of your particular style to help improve communication, reduce conflict, and improve teamwork. Register

Retirement Planning
If you are considering retiring soon or within the next couple of years, there are important factors to consider. The Benefits team will be hosting workshops to provide you with a checklist of items to help you through the process and ensure you have a smooth transition to retirement. Workshop dates are based on faculty or staff. Register

Postdoc Career Workshop: CV and Letter of Interest
Postdoc CVs and letters of interest are used for the academic job search and in some cases for PhD's seeking positions outside of academia. This workshop will cover the important elements of a CV and letter of interest, including strategies for how to showcase your particular knowledge and experiences effectively. You will also learn how to convert a traditional academic CV into a resume for industry. Register




Last Updated: 6/27/22