Doing Business with UToledo

It is Purchasing’s responsibility to ensure suppliers have all the tools and information required to understand how to do business with the University.  To begin with, here is a basic listing of key elements we expect from our suppliers:

  • Quality - The University places high standards of performance for itself and the products and services we procure. We expect the same levels of performance from our suppliers in relation to quality of goods or services, responsiveness to requests, and service level standard commitments.
  • Customer Centeredness – We desire suppliers who understand their customers business initiatives and have goals and objectives established to provide superior customer service.
  • Competitive Price - We appreciate suppliers who continually offer ways to help us lower our costs through product/service savings, assistance in standardization or utilization of items, or identifying operational or process improvement opportunities to drive efficiencies.
  • Innovativeness - We desire suppliers who can be creative and who are willing to work toward continuous improvement and more efficient products and services.
  • Technology - We look favorably on suppliers who take advantage of the use of technology to maintain a competitive edge.

In return, here is what suppliers can expect from the Purchasing team:

  • Information - We will provide suppliers with as much information as possible as to how the purchasing process works, along with assisting suppliers in understanding the requirements of a request for proposal or construction bid.
  • Fair treatment – Fair and impartial consideration is given to all interested suppliers who can meet the University’s requirements of quality, service, competitive price, innovativeness and technological capacity to advance the University’s mission.
  • Feedback – It is Purchasing’s commitment to provide feedback regarding performance and other business issues to cultivate new relationships and strengthen existing ones 


Last Updated: 2/12/21