Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Education

To ensure that our constituents and community are valued, respected and included, diversity and inclusion training allows UToledo employees and other vested individuals an opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding of cross cultural issues by sharing in constructive dialogue about various cultures, cultural competence, diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Education for Faculty, Staff, and Employees
The Office of Diversity and Inclusion hosts diversity training for faculty, staff and employees once a month. 
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Faculty, staff and employees may also request diversity and inclusion education for their work units, affinity groups, organizations, and other. 
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Diversity Education for Community Partners and other non-UToledo employed groups
Community partners may also request diversity and inclusion training for their work units or other groups. 
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Safe Place Training
A Safe Place is a confidential place free from homophobia, transphobia, bipohobia, and heterosexism where people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, queer, or questioning can feel welcome, safe, and included. During Safe Place Training, participants are introduced to LGBTQ-related terminology, provided information on common issues and challenges face by LGBTQ individuals, what it means to be an LGBTQ Ally, and International, National, State, Local and UT resources.
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(Un)Documented Student Ally Training
With a rising undocumented student population on campuses around the country, it is important to recognize the needs of this group, as well as the institutional hurdles that exist. The training will help participants understand the unique challenges that these students face. It also focuses on campus and community resources that are available. Join us for this interactive session in which we will highlight ways in which this population of students experience their higher education journey differently than others. 
Register here: Spring 2020 

Last Updated: 8/7/20