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Main Campus
Memorial Field House

Mail Stop 129
Phone: 419.530.8835
Fax: 419.530.8836


Online Program Advisers - Advising via Webcam may be available, contact us for details 866.886.5336

College of Business and Innovation

Emily T. Creamer, M.Ed.
Title: Academic Adviser
Email: emily.creamer@utoledo.edu
Office: ST 1016
Phone: 419.530.2087

 Emily Creamer

Judith Herb College of Education


Fast-Track Degree Completion - Bachelor of Education

Pat Beckett
Academic Adviser
Email: patricia.beckett@utoledo.edu
Phone: 419.530.2579
Office Fax: 419.530.7249
Mail Stop: 914

 Pat Beckett

Graduate Programs in Early Childhood and Special Education
Early Childhood
Special Education (ECIS)

Richard Welsch
Title: Chair, Early Child, Phys & Special Ed.
Email: richard.welsch@utoledo.edu
Office: GH 4000 D
Phone: 419.530.7736


Ohio Reading Endorsement

Susanna Hapgood, Ph.D.
Title: Associate Professor of Curriculum & Instruction
eMail: Susanna.Hapgood@utoledo.edu 
Office: GH 2000 GG
Phone: 419-530-2139
FAX: 419-530-2466

 Susanna Hapgood

Health Sciences


Health Information Administration (HIA)
Certificate in Health Information Administration (CHIA)

Staci Sturdivant
Title: Interim Adviser
Email: staci.sturdivant@utoledo.edu
Office: GH 3100 S
Phone: 419.530.5363

 Staci Sturdivant

Social Justice and Human Service


Contemporary Gerontological Practice

Barbara Kopp Miller
Title: Associate Dean
Email: Barbara.KoppMiller@utoledo.edu
Office: HH 2400 E
Phone: 419.530.5308

 Barbara Kopp Miller

Elder Law

Michael Spiros
Title: Associate Professor
Email: michael.spiros@utoledo.edu
Office: HH 1300
Phone: 419.530.7732

 Michael Spiros

Patient Advocate
Child Advocate

Debra O'Connell
Title: Program Director and Advisor
Email: Debra.OConnell@utoledo.edu
Office: HH 1300 G
Phone: 419-530-5421

 Debra O'Connel

College of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering Technology (CSET)

Hong Wang, Ph.D.
Title: Assistant Professor, Engineering Technology
Email: Hong.Wang2@utoledo.edu
Office: ET 1128
Phone: 419.530.3129

Dr. Hong Wang

Information Technology

Allen Rioux, Ph.D.
Title: Associate Professor & Director, Engineering Technology
Email: allen.rioux@utoledo.edu
Office: ET 1128
Phone: 419.530.3129

 Alllen Rioux

Master of Science in Engineering

William T. (Ted) Evans, Ph.D.
Title: Professor, Engineering Technology
Email: william.evans@utoledo.edu
Office: ET 1105
Phone: 419.530.3349 or 419.343.3681

Dr. William T. (Ted) Evans

College of Language, Literature & Social Sciences

Master Liberal Studies

Jerry VanHoy, Ph.D.
Title: Associate Professor, Sociology, and Director
Email: jerry.vanhoy@utoledo.edu
Office: UH2640
Phone: 419.530.2807


Jerry Van Hoy


College of Nursing

Mail Stop 1026
3000 Arlington Ave
Toledo, OH 43614

Undergraduate Nursing
Graduate Nursing

David Lymanstall
Title: Director, Graduate Advising
Email: admitnurse@utoledo.edu
Office: COB 4436 (HSC)

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