Carver Center

Carver Center Print Quotas

Why implement print quotas?

Over the past two years we have monitored print counts in the Carver Resource Center.  During the 2010-2011 school year over 650,000 pages were printed.  In an effort to curb wasteful printing and to conserve paper it was decided to implement duplex printing and print quotas.

How many pages am I allotted?

Each student receives a $45 print limit every semester.  Each printer will have a fixed cost per single and duplex page.  Refer to the costs below:

  • Single-sided B&W  - $.03 per page
  • Double-sided B&W - $.05 per page
  • Single-sided color  - $.10 per page
  • Double-sided color - $.19 per page

How do I check my balance?

Each lab computer in Gillham Hall and the HH building will have a Papercut Client running on the machine.  You will see a popup when you login that looks like the following:

papercut client

The amount shown is your remaining balance.  For more information, click on Details ... 

This link will take you to the Papercut website. You will see your job history, statistics, environmental impact and other information related to your account.

papercut summary

What do I do if I have a problem?

If you have any questions or issues regarding your print quota please contact the Carver Center Help Desk at 419.530.2454.

Last Updated: 7/17/19