Judith Herb College of Education

Equipment Checkout

As a Judith Herb College of Education student, you are entitled to checkout equipment located in the Carver Center. In order to check out any equipment, a contract stating checkout policy and procedures must be completed and processed in the Center.  

          latitude e6400             MacBook Pro           Vixia Pro


Equipment available for checkout:

Manuals for equipment are available below on the equipment pages.   If you have any questions regarding the use of equipment, please ask at the Carver Center Help Desk.

  • Canon Powershot A495 digital still camera
  • Canon FS300 and Vixia HF R100 digital video cameras - More Information
  • Apple MacBook Pros - More Information
  • Dell Latitude E6320 and E6400 laptops - More Information
  • Olympus DM10 voice recorders
  • Classroom Performance System (classroom "clickers") 
  • Dell and Epson LCD projectors
  • Wireless microphone and camcorder sets
  • Accessories:
    • Computer Mice
    • Headphones
    • Speakers
    • Tripods
    • Webcams

Checkout FAQ's:

How long can I checkout equipment?

Items may be checked out for five business days.  This means items checked out on Monday are due back the following Monday. Items must be returned 15 minutes before the close of the Carver Center.


What happens if I turn an item in late?

Students returning overdue items will be required to fill out a Fine Form.  Students will be fined $10 per day for the first five business days and $25 per day for each additional day.  After fifteen business days the equipment will be considered lost and a replacement fine may be assessed.

What if I am not taking classes in the Judith Herb College of Education?

The checkout system is provided only for students who have a major within the college.  

Checkout Forms:

Student Checkout Contract
Student Fine Form

Last Updated: 3/15/22