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Michael Toland Headshot 

Michael D. Toland, PhD

Executive Director, Herb Innovation Center

Michael Toland is the inaugural Executive Director of The Herb Innovation Center at the University of Toledo. He is trained in applied statistics and psychometrics, with several years of statistical and measurement consulting experience, especially with latent variable modeling, design of instruments, and analyzing nested data structures.

Prior to his current appointment at the University of Toledo, Toland spent 12 years at the University of Kentucky as a Professor in the Educational Psychology and Quantitative and Psychometric Methods programs. There, he taught numerous statistics, design, and measurement courses and provided pre and post-design, statistical, and measurement services on projects funded by IES, NIH, NIOSH, state agencies, and private organizations.

Toland’s research interests focus on the application of advanced statistical models, writing pedagogical “how-to” methodological manuscripts, and the application of latent variable modeling techniques in the social sciences, especially education. He has authored several applied and methodological articles in a variety of social science journals and has guest-edited special issues on modern statistical and psychometric techniques.

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Falynn Thompson Headshot

Falynn Thompson, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

Falynn Thompson is a Postdoctoral Researcher in The Herb Innovation Center at the University of Toledo. She earned her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Kentucky in 2021. Her research interests include identifying the presence of whiteness in education, antiracist pedagogy, and scale development and validation.

Prior to Dr. Thompson’s role as a Postdoctoral Researcher, she taught educational psychology, provided lectures on diversity and psychometric topics, and researched various academic motivational constructs as they relate to the educational outcomes and experiences of students of color.  Falynn has also coordinated campus programming and has served as a mentor to many undergraduate and graduate students.

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David Dueber headshot

David Dueber, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher

David Dueber is a Postdoctoral Researcher in The Herb Innovation Center at the University of Toledo. He earned a Ph.D. in Quantitative and Psychometric Methods from the University of Kentucky in 2020. Prior to his current appointment as a Postdoctoral Researcher, Dueber worked as a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Kentucky and as an independent statistical consultant before that. He has experience with (quasi-)experimental design, large-scale data, multilevel modeling, latent variable modeling, and scale development.

Dueber's methodological research interests stem from issues encountered in his applied work. He is currently interested in developing and testing mechanisms for performing power analysis for multilevel structural equation models, assessing differential item functioning and measurement non-invariance, estimating the biasing influence of measurement error, and decision-making regarding the treatment of subscores.

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Carolani Green

Carolani Green, MA

Research Assistant

Carolani Green is a doctoral student in the Higher Education program at UToledo. She comes with a bachelor of English teaching, and a master's of English, having been an English teacher for over 15 years.  She plans on obtaining her final career in higher education once she graduates. Carolani’s research interests include the hiring practices and ethics of adjunct faculty at universities.


Chitranjan Greer-Travis

Chitranjan Greer-Travis, MA

Research Assistant 

Chitranjan Greer-Travis is a doctoral student in Social Foundations of Education at UToledo. He has earned an MA in Philosophy from the University of Toledo and a BA in Philosophy from Siena Heights University. Prior to his role as a graduate assistant, Chitranjan worked as a Learning Specialist for UToledo’s College of Medicine and Life Sciences and served as a Police Officer for the city of Detroit. Chitranjan’s research interests are focused on Moral Epistemology and Peace Education.   


Danielle Santos

Danielle Santos, MA

Research Assistant 

Danielle M. Santos, M.A./M.P.P. is a doctoral student in the Theoretical and Social Foundations of Education (TSOC) program at the University of Toledo. She currently supports the THInC Team as a graduate research assistant while teaching TSOC 2000: Diversity in Contemporary Society for undergraduate students at UT. With over 12 years of combined experience in the non-profit, technology, and post-secondary education sectors, Danielle is passionate about bringing together communities of scholar-practitioners to uncover how organizational culture and behavior gets in the way of making equitable change. Prior to Toledo, she lived in Ann Arbor where she received her Master’s in Higher Education Administration with a focus on College Access and Student Success and Master’s in Public Policy with a focus in Higher Education Policy. Danielle is proud to call herself a native Columbus, Ohioan, former Chicagoan, and forever Smith College alum. Danielle's research interests include the intersection of higher education systems, educational change processes, and equity reform initiatives through an anthropological, student-centered lens.





Liz Leiba

Liz Leiba, MA

Research Assistant (2023-2024)

Elizabeth (Liz) Leiba is a doctoral student at UToledo in the Curriculum and Instruction for Special Education program. Liz obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Special Education from UToledo. She has worked as an Intervention Specialist at Toledo Public Schools for the past 11 years. Liz is a first-year Research Assistant for THInC. Liz’s research interests include early intervention and continuing support for students with trauma in urban school districts.

Matt Hazelton

Matthew Hazelton, MA

Research Assistant (2020-2021)

Matthew Hazelton is a doctoral student in the Theory of Social Foundations program, majoring in History of Education and minoring in Educational Research and Measurement. He has been teaching undergraduate courses the last 4 semesters and has thoroughly enjoyed sharing the lessons he learned from his time at THInC with my students! He is looking forward to wrapping up coursework in the fall and taking his comprehensive exams in the Spring. Prior to his role as a Graduate Assistant, Matt earned an MA in Politics from Hillsdale College, taught at the secondary level, and has also served as an administrator at both secondary and post-secondary levels. His research interests include identifying success metrics in non-vocational education and categorizing key predictive analytics for student success. 

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