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About the Program

Graduate programs focus on the nature and needs of Gifted, Talented and Creative individuals throughout the lifespan. Special emphasis is placed on balancing the Cognitive and Affective domains of knowledge and knowing in relation to the education and development of learners. The location of the university offers students opportunities to work with children/adults who have a wide range of abilities in a variety of school and non-school settings.

*Beginning July 1, 2017, the State of Ohio requires any classroom teaching working with Gifted/Talented learners to have 30 contact hours of professional development in GT Education each year. ALL coursework offered in our GT degree programs meet these requirements.

Degrees Offered
GT Endorsement                                                       





Professional INFORMATION 

The GT Endorsement program follows Ohio Teacher Licensure Rule 3301-24-05 (C)(D). The program has 18 credit hours of coursework including a site/field-based practicum experience; and, follows the NAGC/CEC (and CAEP) standards. The program admits only students who have already earned an initial teaching license. This is a post-baccalaureate program. [Typical time to completion: 3-4 semesters taking 6 credits/semester]

The M.Ed. degree program is 33-36 graduate credit hours, and includes a project/practicum experience where candidates apply their research and learning to an appropriate setting or problem. The M.Ed. degree can (should!) include the GT Endorsement coursework. [Typical time to completion: 2 years full-time enrolled taking 9 credits/semester]

The Ph.D. degree program (60 graduate credit hours minimum, including Dissertation) is research and theory intensive, with a series of innovative seminars on the development of gifts and talents in academic, aesthetic and folk (lived experiential) domains. Graduates leave the program as scholars and leaders, ready to professionally contribute to the field of Gifted Education. [Typically time to completion: 4 years full-time enrolled taking 9 credits/semester including a residency requirement]


Questions regarding application/admissions should be sent to Dr. Robert Schultz.
Admissions are on a rolling schedule.






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Masters Degree Requirements

Field Notes...

All programs are accredited by NAGC/CEC/CAEP. Our M.Ed. program was one of the first in the country accredited by NAGC/CEC/CAEP as a graduate program of distinction.

Masters and Doctoral alumni have a 100% placement rate after graduation. Our GT graduates have multiple job offers, often before completing their degree. 

The University of Toledo has the only specialized Ph.D. program in Gifted Education (CIGI) in the State of Ohio.

The program offers field site teaching and research opportunities in programs and schools for the Gifted/Talented locally, in Michigan and Nevada. Emphasis is upon integrating cognitive (intellectual) and affective (social) needs of all educational stakeholders to develop opportunities meeting learner needs.

We periodically offer GT@UT a summer camp for Gifted/Talented/Creative children as part of the experiential learning process for graduate students and as a service to the community.

We have a program Advisory group (GT AT UT) consisting of nationally renowned and professionally embedded experts in gifted/talented/creative (GTC) education that provide input on program offerings and needs to build our mission and vision based on the international “pulse” of GTC needs. 

Employers love our graduates because they are prepared as independent and highly trained scholars and leaders, ready to solve problems and contribute to educational success immediately upon their hire. Our graduates have opportunities and  experiences working with Twice Exceptional learners; ESL/ELL GT learners; Highly Profoundly Gifted (HPG) learners in schools and family counseling situations. 

Last Updated: 2/25/20