Chemical Engineering

Professor Liberatore: Engineering Education

Professor Liberatore teaches a variety of chemical engineering courses including Graduate Thermodynamics, Graduate Transport Phenomena, Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Separations, Unit Operations Laboratory, and Material and Energy Balances. For enrolled students, class documents are all available on Microsoft Teams.

Interactive Textbooks


YouTube Fridays: Engaging the Net Generation in five minutes a week

Improved student achievement using personalized online homework for Material and Energy Balances

Problem solving in 12 steps for Introductory Thermodynamics

YouTube Fridays: Student led development of engineering estimate problems

Student created homework problems based on YouTube videos

Active learning and just-in-time teaching of a material and energy balances course

Advances from AEE: Online in Reverse

Two Minutes of Reflection Improves Teaching

Effectiveness of Just In Time Teaching on Student Achievement in an Introductory Thermodynamics Course

High textbook reading rates when using an interactive textbook for a Material and Energy Balances course

Significant reading participation across multiple cohorts before and after the due date when using an interactive textbook

Plus many ASEE conference proceedings are available here.

YOUTUBE Problems

Reverse engineering videos into engineering problems are detailed here.

Other Free Resources 

Slides about giving a great scientific presentation

Presentation rubric

 Scatter plot or chart rubric

Last Updated: 6/27/22