College of Engineering Career Development Center

General Information

If you are enrolled in an engineering program and have not yet signed into and created your profile, as well as uploaded your resume to the student web registration page, it is very important that you do so.

Students are required to complete three co-ops in order to complete their degree. If you are in or past your Sophomore year, you should be looking for a co-op unless you have already completed three co-op assignments. Your co-op assignments should follow your plan of study. Students searching for a co-op position should regularly be in contact with their co-op director and have an updated resume on file. All resumes must be approved before you can start submitting them to companies through our office. You should also have a valid e-mail address on record (generally your engineering e-mail). Please contact our office to let us know about your interviewing schedule, as well as any offers you may have.

Once you have secured a position, we recommend that you remain in touch with our office. Upon completing your semester of co-op you need to complete your student evaluation form, as well as request your employer to complete the employer form. Failure to complete these forms means you will not get credit for your co-op experience. A $475 fee will appear on your UToledo account for your first three registered co-ops. For completed co-ops beyond the third, no fees will be charged.

When you return from your co-op, you need to update your resume and profile on the student Career Development web page.

Change Of Employer Policy

Students may change co-op employers after their first co-op assignment but not after the second and subsequent assignments. Students must complete at least two consecutive co-op assignments with the same employer. To change employers after their first co-op assignment, the student must submit a written request to their respective Co-op Director during the first two weeks of the semester when they return for classes. The Director will approve or reject the request and inform the student. Students must not initiate a discussion with a new employer without obtaining the above approval.

Any deviation from this policy or unilateral student action to secure a new co-op employer without the prior approval of the Career Development Center can result in probation or suspension from the College.

Last Updated: 7/19/19