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 We’re excited to announce that our employer portal, powered by GradLeaders is now completely responsive so that you can log in, post jobs, sign up for on-campus recruiting events, schedule interviews, and review candidates anytime, anywhere on any device!

Check it out now at UT Eng. Co-op Employer System

Accounts created in our old system migrated to our updated system. If we registered the company representative that is still at your office, they may enter their email address and select the “Find My Account” link. If your representative has changed, you may need to select:  1st time user? Create Account 

 The University of Toledo employer portal now includes:

  • Responsive design that automatically resizes for use on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device
  • New mobile-friendly navigation and dashboard featuring quick access to job postings, events, interviews, on-campus requests, room reservations, candidate search, and more
  • “My Calendar” dashboard widget right at the top of your screen so you can see events you signed up for front and center
  • Updated “Job Postings” dashboard widgets so you can see your most recent activity at-a-glance
  • Simplified “On-Campus Requests” process with easy-to-find “Valid Date” selections
  • Plus many more usability updates

This redesigned portal is available now, so you can start taking advantage of the enhanced user experience today. If you have additional questions, please contact us at 419.530.8050 or visit for on-demand support resources. 

Below are a few common issues employers face when making the decision to hire a co-op student. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact our office.

What can I expect from a co-op student?

Co-op students should have knowledge in their field depending on how far along in the program they are. Job responsibilities of each successful co-op should increase as their familiarity in the field improves. It is expected that a co-op student will learn new tasks during their working semesters. Simply put, a co-op student should be able to fill the position you assign to them as long as they receive the necessary tools and training to do so.

What should a co-op student be paid?

A student's pay is generally up to company discretion. However, there are a few guidelines which may help you make that determination. First, students should be paid based on their job responsibilities. The student should be paid according to their value to the company. As each successful co-op increases, the responsibilities the students perform should be paid accordingly. Below is a table of hourly wages which will help you determine the general pay scale a co-op should be assigned to.

Bioengineering 143 $8.12 $16.65 $25.00
Chemical & Environmental Engineering 182 $9.50 $19.52 $38.00
Civil Engineering 158 $9.00 $14.64 $36.00
Computer Science & Engineering 134 $9.50 $16.86 $31.25
Electrical Engineering 115 $10.00 $17.94 $36.05
Mechanical Engineering 486 $9.00 $17.71 $40.05
Construction Engineering Tech 34 $9.50 $13.42 $18.00
Computer Science & Engineering Tech 18 $13.00 $16.54 $24.00
Electrical Engineering Tech 22 $11.00 $16.72 $22.00
Information Tech 2 $13.00 $15.50 $18.00
Mechanical Engineering Tech 55 $10.00 $17.70 $30.58
Last Updated Feb 8, 2016

What if the company is located beyond commuting distance?

Students generally travel away on their co-ops. Some companies have the resources to compensate the student for relocation; however, it is not required. If you are located some distance from UT and cannot provide assistance in relocating, you should make sure the student's wages are such to cover the living expenses of the area in which they will be working.

Last Updated: 6/30/19