College of Engineering

College of Engineering Dean's Office

Dean, College of Engineering
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

As Dean of the College of the Engineering, Dr. Toole is the chief executive for the college and responsible for all academic, financial and personnel matters within the college.  Most importantly, he is responsible for ensuring that all faculty and staff strive to maximize student success and maintain a diverse and inclusive community.  His duties including ensuring that faculty have the resources to be productive scholars, nurturing relationships with UT alumni to advance the college, and strengthening relationships with regional employers to meet their workforce needs through our great co-op students and graduates.

Dr. Scott Molitor

Sr. Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
and Professor of Bioengineering

As the executive associate dean for academic affairs, Dr. Molitor provides logistical support for the operation of the college units, interfaces with the Provost’s office on matters pertaining to academic affairs, collaborates with the Facilities office on facilities planning,  and helps establish strong intra-college communications.  Dr. Molitor assists the Dean with academic planning, evaluation and development of programs, faculty and staff evaluations, and payroll approvals related to the academic operations of the college. 

Dr. Matthew FranchettiDR. MATTHEW FRANCHETTI
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

As the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Franchetti works with his faculty and staff colleagues to ensure that the College of Engineering maintains undergraduate degree programs of the highest quality.  He oversees recruiting and on-boarding of new students, academic advising, retention initiatives, co-op programs and career development, degree completion and approval, and external accreditation.  He works with colleagues across the institution to develop and enforce undergraduate academic policies, with colleagues across the region to facilitate the transfer of course credits between institutions of higher learning, and with colleagues across the country to develop and implement best practices in engineering education. 

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
Professor of Bioengineering

As the associate dean for research and graduate studies, Dr. Relue works with faculty to identify research funding opportunities, serves as a liaison connecting industry to faculty expertise, coordinates acquisition and monetization of college core research equipment, and works with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs on research policy and procedures. In graduate studies, she oversees recruiting, admissions, internships, and career development for graduate students in the college. She also works with the institution to develop and implement graduate academic policies and best practices for graduate education. At the program level, she works with faculty on graduate curriculum and program development, approval processes, program assessment, and accreditation. 

Lesley Berhan

Associate Dean of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement
Associate Professor of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

As the associate dean of diversity, inclusion and community engagement, Dr. Berhan leads the development and execution of initiatives and programs to assess, increase, and support all forms of diversity within the College of Engineering, and fosters an atmosphere of inclusiveness, equity, and respect among students, faculty, and staff. She is committed to cultivating and maintaining a culture of inclusive excellence in the college and to ensuring that all students, faculty, and staff have the opportunities and resources they need to be successful. Her duties also include developing and facilitating relationships between the college and community stakeholders to increase the interest in, and exposure to, engineering to residents of Toledo and NW Ohio.

Last Updated: 5/21/20