Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Gerald Heuring


Assistant Professor


EECS Department 
Mail Stop 308
University of Toledo, 
Toledo, OH 43606.

Tel: (419) 530-8XXX 
Office: NI 2022 
E-mail: gerald.heuring@utoledo.edu
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Recent Courses

  • EECS 2510 - Nonlinear Data Structures
  • EECS 3540 - Operating Systems and Systems Programming
  • EECS 4530/5530 - Computer Graphics I
  • EECS 4520/5520 - Advanced Systems Programming

Research Interests

Computer Graphics, Operating Systems.


Dr. Heuring earned his baccalaureate degrees in Computer Science and Engineering(1981) as well as Industrial Engineering(1979) from the University of Toledo. His Master's degree is in Industrial Engineering (1983) also from the University of Toledo. His Ph.D. is from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1993) where he worked with Dr. Duncan Lawrie and his dissertation was on "Pragmatics of File Migration".
He joined the Faculty of the CSE department in Fall of 1987 and has been involved with the student chapter of ACM and the Toledo section of IEEE. His interests are in Computer Graphics and Operating Systems but he has taught a wide range of courses during his tenure at The University of Toledo. He is currently serving as undergraduate director for the department.

Selected Publications

  • "Nightmare on Westwood Avenue-Product Development Laboratory: Success, Failure, Both, Neither???", Proceedings of SIGCSE 1996 Technical Symposium, February 1996. (Refereed)
  • "File Storage Management at the University of Illinois", Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems, Vail, Colorado, 1984.
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