Engineering Technology

Program Mission

Mission Statements

A mission statement is a brief description of an organization's fundamental purpose and primary objectives. In short, a mission statement answers the question, "Why do we exist?" The mission of the IT program was developed with this in mind and is shown below.

IT Program Mission

It is the mission of the Information Technology program to prepare graduates for professional positions with organizations that create, maintain and use computers, computer networks, and computer information systems as an integral part of their operations; who will grow into leadership positions within these organizations and who will have a commitment to lifelong learning and appropriate graduate education.

In a hierarchical organization, such as The University of Toledo, the missions of the various units should be compatible. They should mesh together and support each other. This is true for the organizational structure in which the IT program resides. Mission statements for related organizational units (Department, College and University) are provided below for review.

Department of Engineering Technology Mission

The mission of the Engineering Technology Department is to:

  • provide an educational program of recognized quality in engineering technology that directs students toward achieving their educational objectives, professional goals, and a commitment to life-long learning,
  • serve a diverse population and, as a student-focused department, prepare the students to function in a global economy,
  • create an environment in which faculty, students and alumni can utilize their skills to make positive contributions to society.

College of Engineering Mission

We provide a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment and workplace, where students obtain a transformative engineering or engineering technology education, and where educators, industry partners and students discover and transfer new knowledge to improve the human condition in the community and throughout the world.

University of Toledo Mission Statement

The mission of The University of Toledo is to improve the human condition; to advance knowledge through excellence in learning, discovery and engagement; and to serve as a diverse, student-centered public metropolitan research university.

Last Updated: 1/4/23